Why Would You Acid-Stain Concrete?

I have a porch dilemma.

Well, actually, TWO porch dilemmas.

1. Our front porch

Our front porch was “tiled” by the previous owner with these very large concrete tiles.

Outdoor tile alternative!

First of all, I don’t love the colors. I’m not a huge fan of things that are orange. And second of all, when they break, it’s hard to fix!

Outdoor tile alternative!

And the GROUT. I hate grout anyways, but this is just impossible to keep clean!

Within the next few weeks, our house will be painted, and these tiles will then TOTALLY clash. Ugh! What to do? I wonder if I can paint it…

2. Our back porch

Our back porch was “tiled” by the previous owner with these very nice-looking concrete tiles that look like wood.

Outdoor tile alternative!

I don’t mind these at all…until they get wet. (And hello, this is Florida! It rains a lot, so…you get the idea!) When these get wet, they are VERY slippery. I mean, I have good balance, and I’ve literally caught myself mid-fall on multiple occasions, even when I’m being careful on purpose! 

So dangerous! Ugh! What to do?

Now, I had seen on Pinterest (as I’m sure you have, too) a few different images of acid-stained concrete, and I thought it was interesting! Yes, I even thought it might work for our porches, but I knew nothing about it. 

So when David from Midland Flooring contacted me with a lovely infographic on nothing less than acid-staining concrete, I heard angels singing! Let’s see how he explains it for us…

Polished concrete is becoming very popular in modern day society. It is slowly becoming a main focus of design trends. Which means that concrete is also becoming more valuable to use within the home. It’s a very versatile material as it can be treated with chemicals to produce magnificent styles and patterns. However, it can be very difficult to correctly acid stain polished concrete. It must be done correctly. There are many skilled companies that offer services oriented around polished concrete such as Midland Polished Concrete.

Adding an acid stain to concrete flooring creates a fascinating marbling effect which can be very visually appealing. In a couple of steps it is possible to create a unique marbling effect in a colour that you desire. We have produced the below info-graphic which shows you the step by step process of acid staining.

Infographic - Why would you add acid stain to concrete

Okay, I’m all clear now. WOW! I had no idea so much was involved, but I’ve gotta tell ya, I LIKE IT! Thanks, David!

I poked around and found a few images to show everyone of what an acid-stained concrete floor looks like. Check these out! 

GORGEOUS Acid Staining on Traditional Porch
Lovely acid staining on contemporary patio
Amazing acid staining in traditional kitchen
WOW! What do you think?! Is there a space in your home that you would love to have acid-stained concrete in?
If you’d like to read more from The Road to Domestication on different types of flooring, CLICK HERE FOR CARPET or CLICK HERE FOR TILE. No worries, hardwood is coming soon!
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20 thoughts on “Why Would You Acid-Stain Concrete?

  1. I have all hard wood and I am pretty happy with it, but I would consider something like this if I lived in a warmer climate.

  2. I love concrete staining. When I lived in Florida it was perfect for inside and outside – concrete is cooler during those hot summer months. It turns out so beautifully, wish I had photos of my last house down there to share with you.

  3. I’ve actually never seen or heard of it, but from the pictures you put up for examples, I do love it! I’d not want dangerous tiles either… no matter how pretty I’d want those to go. 😉

  4. I want concrete floors, as well! I remember watching some HGTV show several years ago where some concrete finishing specialists made an accidental discovery. One of them dropped a bunch of corn chips on the still wet stain and it created a really awesome effect. That became their trademark: to sprinkle broken corn chips on their floors. Thanks for the info!

  5. Not sure I have had this in any of our homes..But it is so annoying when previous home owners have specific styles and you go in and do not like it – no what to do? I am glad you found David to the rescue and hopefully, you do not fall on those slippery floors:)

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