Why NYC Bus Tours Are Perfect For Families

I’ve been thinking about traveling a LOT recently. Maybe it’s because I just spent almost 4 weeks stuck in my house taking care of sick family members, I’m not sure…but it’s been a while since we traveled anywhere, and I’m starting to get the itch. Of course traveling these days is a horse of a different color for us – now it’s not just the hubby and I off an an adventure. US now includes two VERY active 18-month-olds. I’m not sure what travel looks like for us these days, but one thing I know is, for any kind of a group, I LOVE me some bus tours.

My husband and I did Washington D.C. a couple years ago in four days flat. It was AMAZING, and the only way we were able to do it in that short amount of time was by taking advantage of an awesome bus tour. It brought simplicity to the entire process, and we decided that the next time we tour a city, we would do another bus tour. 

Take New York City, for instance.

Seeing New York is a one of a kind experience that you understandably want to have while being together as a family. Your kids will remember it for years to come, and so will your spouse. It’s like nothing else. But it’s not easy to tour a big city as a family – or is it?

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Over 60 million people now visit New York in an average year, and that breaks down to some five million per month, 1.25 million per week, and well over 100,000 per day.

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Yes, NYC is crowded and overflowing with tourist – but when you take a bus tour around the city, you beat the crowds and avoid having to fight the traffic (on the street or on the sidewalk.) That’s the first reason to opt for a NYC double decker bus tour for your family vacation, but here are five more to take into account:

1. Bus tours are safer

Safety is always first when you travel as a family with kids. Bus tours let you travel around the city in a large tourist group and sit together and stay together through the whole route. You really don’t have to worry about getting lost or about getting into a traffic accident. And if taxis scare you, buses are the virtual opposite and they won’t.

2. It’s faster, but still comprehensive

You want to get out to all the major sites, but as a family, everything takes longer to do (especially if you have small children.) But a bus tour simplifies it all and lets you make the top tourist stops in a relatively short space of time.

You can take shorter or longer routes as you like, different routes on different days, or get a one or two day pass and create your own hop on hop off itinerary. But pressed-for-time families will find a bus tour easier to schedule regardless of their exact plans.

3. Bus tours are very affordable

Most things in New York are anything but cheap, especially for tourists. But bus tours are a notable exception.

Families can have tight budgets and need to make the most of each dollar they spend. Bus tours give you a taste of Times Square, Rockefeller Center, The Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and a host of other iconic New York stops at a minimal price point.

4. Food stops are typically included

It’s hard to pack lunch or another meal for a whole family, hungry kids included. And squeezing a meal in (in NYC) just before or just after the tour can be difficult. Most bus tours of any significant length will stop off for meals or snacks at New York style pizza places, Chinese food in Chinatown, or other classic New York eateries.

5. The Liberty Cruise is often included

Another perk that you get with many New York City bus tour deals is a free or discounted Liberty Cruise as an add-on. Seeing the Statue of Liberty is probably the number one tourist experience you can name – so why leave it out? And if you’re going on the Liberty Cruise anyway, why not save and simplify by bundling?

Do you ever travel in the big city with your entire family? Ever tried a bus tour? What did you think?

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9 thoughts on “Why NYC Bus Tours Are Perfect For Families

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Let the professionals organize it for you. Also, bus drivers are great resources for tips on restaurants or local activities.

  2. I completely agree. I’ve never actually taken one but when I lived in NYC I always saw families hopping on and off the bus tours and it really worked for them.

  3. I took a bus tour in NYC not so long ago and we loved it. It really allows to see more because gives you an idea of where are all the spots of interest. Thanks for reminding me as I am going back next month.

  4. We took a bus tour through NYC a few years ago and we loved it. We could hop on and off whenever we liked and see our favorite sites. It was very affordable too. I’m pretty sure we got discounted tickets on Groupon.

  5. We did DC a few years ago and wish I would have thought or known about a bus tour. We didn’t get to see half the stuff we wanted. We hope to take them to NYC soon and will definitely give it a try! Thank you!

  6. I lived just a train ride from NYC my entire life and I’ve never taken a bus tour! I’m not even sure why but I definitely see it as something to try on my next visit home…

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