Why Keeping Your Eaves Clean Is Essential To Your Home’s Health

As long as you don’t have to deal with leaks in your home, you may not give your roofing system that much thought. The fact is, your roof and eaves have a very important function in keeping your home safe and healthy. When one of those things isn’t operating as it should, damage can build up and cost you a bundle in repairs or replacement. And we’ve been keeping a close eye on all things roof at our home, since it’s hurricane season, we live in Florida, and we JUST BARELY missed that nasty monster storm Dorian.

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Your eavestrough system is designed to redirect water and snow runoff away from the delicate seams of your roof. When water isn’t displaced in the right way, leaks can form, wall damage can happen or your foundation can even crack. My husband, who works in the home insurance industry, sees these kinds of issues often!

Real estate experts like Scott Haveson will tell you that the health and quality of your gutter systems should always be in excellent working condition, especially if you are thinking about selling. Potential buyers can easily spot issues that could mean larger problems when your gutters aren’t functioning properly. To maintain the health of your roof it’s important tokeep your eaves cleaned out and in good repair.

Roof Damage

When water isn’t being directed off the roof surface by a gutter system that is clogged, it can cause leaks and rot. Standing water or moisture that isn’t efficiently being removed can seep up under your shingles and form mildew spots and even rot the wood of your roof. The damage leads to weakness and that can quickly deteriorate into unwanted leaks.

Walls (Fascia)

When rainwater and snow melt-off is not being routed into your eaves system properly, it can end up draining right down your walls. This puts the delicate parts of your home at risk for moisture damage and even buckling. The space between your gutters and your roof is a spot that can easily retain moisture when it isn’t being diverted properly. Keeping your eaves clear of debris can help you avoid an expensive and lengthy clean up from potential water damage.


When your gutters are full of debris and leaves, they provide an excellent nesting spot for insects and critters. Birds love to build their nests in these cozy backups, which can cause drainage problems throughout the year. Cleaning out your eavestroughs each season is the best way to deter any critters from setting up a permanent home.


Part of your eaves system is the downspouts. These channels are designed to collect and divert water from flowing down the side of your home and settling where your foundation meets your walls. When water pools around the foundation of your home you are risking it freezing in the colder months and causing cracks to develop.

Weakened Brackets

When your eaves end up full of leaves and debris, the extra weight can actually damage the quality of the entire system. Extra weight can also be accumulated when your system is clogged and then freezes into icy chunks. Most eaves systems are not designed to be put under the pressure of too much weight. When your system becomes bent or buckled it will not divert water as efficiently as you need it to.

In the end, thinking about your roof as its own important system in maintaining the health of your home can help you focus on its proper maintenance. Making sure that your gutters are in working order and free of debris every season can save your shingles and your roof from unnecessary damage and expense.

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