Why Forethought is Hugely Important When Buying a House

Buying a house is exciting and it’s easy to get caught up thinking with your heart, instead of your head. Thinking about what your must-haves are can help to keep you on track instead of getting distracted by how “pretty” a place is. (That may or may not be one of MY personal down-falls!) Of course, it’s always a good idea to get a first-hand look by checking out a few display homes in Sydney (or model homes in your specific area) to see fixtures and layouts in person. This is what we did when we first started looking for our home!

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Nevertheless, when you’re looking at a new house, nothing replaces an assessment by a professional. A home inspection and a pest inspection really are crucial. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, have a thorough check performed to avoid any unforeseen issues in the future.

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Knowing what you really need in a house will help keep your emotions in check, so consider the following things when you find a place that gets you excited.

Where Do You Want to Live?

Your community will be very important in your long-term happiness once you buy a house. Consider what you need to have nearby and how close it needs to be. Can the kids walk to school or will you have a 30-minute drive to get them there every day?

Noise levels in the neighbourhood also affect how much you enjoy it, so try to visit at varying times of the day and see what kind of activity is going on.

Will You Have All the Rooms You Need?

Even with enough bedrooms, the layout can affect how useful they are. A bedroom that’s next to the TV room may make it hard to settle down at night if you want to turn in early, and west-facing rooms will heat up faster and stay hotter year round but especially in summer. 

Consider not only your current needs, but also future ones. Is there any chance you’ll have more children? Is an ageing parent likely to come and stay with you? Be sure you have enough rooms for all your needs.

Ongoing Costs

Apart from the mortgage, there are council rates, utilities and insurance for your home and its contents. Investigate if rates will stay close to what you have been paying or if they will change.

There are many things you are going to need to consider before committing to a new house. Is the Home Structurally Sound? Free From Termites? Make sure you are thorough and avoid any surprises further down the road.

Is There Risk of Flooding?

Check the official council flood maps online and ask friends and family in the area. Be sure you are covered no matter how small the risk seems, flooding has become a common problem in Australia and is on the rise

Are There Any Planned Developments Nearby? 

Take a drive around to look for new or ongoing construction and check with the council to see if any applications are pending or already approved. A new development not only means construction noise it can temporarily bring down the property value, which you can use as a bargaining chip to save you some money.

Where are the official property boundaries?

Why does this matter? It’s not always where the fences are and you don’t want to have a squabble with your new neighbour over it later on.

Are You Willing to Take On Repairs or Renovations?

If your home inspector finds something needs to be fixed you can ask the seller to fix it or deduct it from the price. Get an estimate for repairs whether you do them yourself or hire someone so you know what to expect, and consider any safety risks like asbestos that needs to be removed.

Head Over Heart 

Paint can be changed but overheated bedrooms and afternoon traffic is harder to fix once you’ve signed the papers. While we all want a house that we love it’s important to keep practical things in mind when searching for that dream house.

Are YOU searching for a new home right now? Any tips you’d like to share?

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14 thoughts on “Why Forethought is Hugely Important When Buying a House

  1. I am definitely not looking for a house–there is no way, at my age, I could take on the responsibility. As you have stated above-they are MANY. If you have children a major point to consider is–are the public schools well thought of–or are you going to have to pay out a bundle to send your children to private school.

  2. I am lucky to come by your post. You really explained it all. I am pinning this, as in the future, it will be the perfect read when selecting one of my own.

  3. This is exactly what my husband and I have been going through lately because we are in the process of wanting to buy a house! SO MANY QUESTIONS arise which is why… It’s been a 2.5 year house hunt thus far!

  4. Truth!, we have to see in addition to pretty house the pros and cons. so we do not have to regret when is too late

  5. I do worry that if I ever get to the stage of buying a house I will get distracted by what looks good over what is practical. Might need to keep this article in mind in a few years time.

  6. Well, with my kids grown, I am considering downsizing. But then again, I want a home where many grandchildren can sleep over, so thank you for this post!

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