Why are you holding on to all that JUNK?

I recently saw an article in Ladies’ Home Journal called “The Clutter Problem”. Obviously it jumped off the page at me, because I really despise clutter.

This is how much I despise clutter: if I sit down on the couch in the evening and I see something that needs to be put away or dealt with, I’m literally right back up. That means that oftentimes, my husband literally has to beg me to come sit down with him on the couch, not because I don’t want to, but because clutter is THAT distracting to me! That’s just how my brain works – if it sees something needing doing, it must DO!

So I know why I DON’T hold onto all that junk, but I really don’t know why others do! I was interested, to say the least.

The article broke it down into three categories, created for three different women:

1. Karina saved every toy her son had ever been given. She was caught between wanting to preserve everything and not wanting her son to become a hoarder. After the experts came in, Karina realized that it was better to build family closeness in the present and future than cling to the past.

2. Alexa had stacks of storage bins full of mementos dating back to her Junior High School days. She was too overwhelmed by all of it to do anything about it. After the experts came in, she was able to make the most of the important memories (like framing her daughter’s sonogram picture) instead of losing those moments in piles of “stuff”.

3. Judy was scared to throw away any of her mail. She was storing all of her mail in her basement, and was often late with bill payments because of the accumulation. After the experts came in, Judy realized that 80% of what she saved was worthless, and she also switched to online banking.

This was all very intriguing to me. So I wonder, what is YOUR clutter “issue”? Do you even have one? And WHY do you feel you aren’t able to control it?

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