Which Material Should I Use for My Garden Shed?

Little by little we are making our current house OURS. It was a lot easier to do projects around the home when we had no kiddos – some days I feel like we won’t ever get ANYTHING done ever again! Of course, hugs from chubby little arms and lots of sticky kisses make up for all that, and in the end, I know we’ll reach the end of our to-do list..eventually!

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One thing I’ve been focusing in on recently is our back yard. I’ve been prepping my garden area for planting, a shady area for the girls’ swings, slide and sandbox, and thinking about adding a shed to hold some of the garage overflow.


When purchasing a garden shed there are more things to be taken into consideration than you may think.  They are a big feature of your garden, so it’s essential that you make the right choice for you. One of the key points for consideration is the material that you select to use for your garden sheds – but you may not know enough about this to make an informed decision. The most-used materials are listed below, as well as pros and cons for each of those materials.  I know I love to entertain in my back garden, and I want to make sure that my guests have a great looking shed to view!

Wooden Sheds

These are the most popular sheds these days.  They are traditional, rustic and they also add value to any home or garden.  Wood has character that you tend not to find from any other material, and it’s imperfect in the way it looks.  This may be part of the attraction.

The advantages of wooden sheds are that they are durable.  They have been around for such a long time, that they are renowned for being strong and versatile.  If you are looking to be kinder to the environment, this is the option that you would be most likely to go for. If you are planning on spending a lot of time in your shed, then this also could be a reason to choose a wooden shed.  The material means that all of the outside cold is kept outside to keep you warmer in the winter. They are also incredibly versatile – so if you are like me and decoration is important to you – the good news is with a wooden shed, you can paint it the colour that you want it to be.  You also have the option to extend or make changes to your shed at a later date. Wooden sheds are also easier to customise. You can choose the size you need to fit into your garden space perfectly. To give you an idea of what kind of sizes are available, the garden sheds at Shed Store range from 5×3 to 20×12, so you really can find the perfect garden shed to suit both the size of your garden and what you need to use it for.

There are some disadvantages associated with wooden sheds.  For example, it attracts moisture which means it can cause it to warp and twist.  In really extreme cases, it can cause the shed to be unusable. There are some preventative measures you can take such as purchasing Kiln dried wood.  This means that the lumber will be heated, so will get all of the moisture out making this less likely. Wooden garden sheds also require some maintenance.  It might be that you need to paint it or varnish it fairly regularly which isn’t a problem if you like this kind of outdoor garden project, however they are also an attraction for some pests!  

Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds are becoming increasingly popular these days.  When you hear plastic, you may automatically think of plastic bottles, or plastic bags and assume it will be low quality – but it’s not the same kind of material used for sheds.  They are created specifically for outdoors, so the material is hard.

The advantages of plastic sheds for the lazy ones out there, is that there is little to no maintenance required so you don’t need to regularly paint or varnish it.  They don’t rust or warp – which makes your job a lot easier. They also tend to be long lasting, as water tends not to affect them as it would other materials which is important if you are based somewhere where the weather isn’t up to much. They also look great, in some cases fairy tale like which works if you are going for more of a picturesque approach as opposed to practicality.

There are some disadvantages however such as the security of them. Although they are great for the rain as they are waterproof, they aren’t wind proof and are more likely to get damaged in wind storms.  When it comes to the sizing of a plastic shed – you can be restricted and the same goes for the customisation of it.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds have no doubt had a bad reputation in the past for not looking great and being a bit of a cheap option for consumers – but there have been lots of improvements made to them recently that have made them more popular than they were before.  They are much more modern than they were previously.

They are fantastic value for money as they aren’t the most expensive option, but they tend to last the longest.  They aren’t really affected by any weather issues and require little maintenance. They are also normally easy for you to assemble if you aren’t great at DIY – and are looking for an easy option.  They are also easy to move if you want to change their location – so you aren’t stuck with it in the same place forever. This leaves you free to change your garden as you wish.

Some of the issues that may arise with metal sheds are that they are prone to rusting which doesn’t look great when this happens and at that point there is little you can do.  They also may look and feel a little flimsier than other materials, but again this is due to the low cost. If appearance of your shed is important to you, this may not be the best option to go for.  They don’t look as great as other kinds of materials.

Do you have a shed in your garden or your yard? How is it crafted?  Here’s to you having the perfect shed for your garden, no matter what you need it for!

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