Which Home Security Option Suits Your Needs?

Right before our girls were born, we called a local home security company and had a security alarm installed in our home. Safety suddenly became of utmost importance to us, for some reason! Ha!

When we moved into our current home, one of the first things we did was have the security system that was already here in the home activated. At that point, we just went with the technology that was already installed and added a few touches to it. 

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But the more I look at home security, the more I realize that, in this day and age, there are SO MANY OPTIONS! How on earth do you choose? With the vast number of options available in the market today, from a wireless alarm system to live remote video, it can be somewhat confusing when it comes to picking the perfect system for your home, your family and your needs.

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Because the safety of your family is at stake, it is always advised to make the most informed decision when choosing a security system. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the main points and factors that you will need to consider when choosing the ideal home security option!

What Kind Of Home Alarm Monitoring Suits You Best?

One of the first things to take into consideration when choosing a security system is which kind of alarm monitoring suits your needs the best. Monitoring is the heart of every home alarm system. It ensures that you are kept up-to-speed with what is happening in your home, should something suspicious occur. There are three main options when it comes to alarm monitoring – landline, broadband and cellular. Let’s look into what each option offers.

With landline alarm monitoring, you are notified via landline when your alarm system is triggered. In this day and age, this method of monitoring is highly outdated, but can still be used as an option for people who are on a very tight budget. With broadband alarm monitoring, you will be notified by your internet connection when your alarm system is triggered. Do keep in mind that should your internet connection be down, your alarm monitoring will be down as well.

Lastly, there is cellular monitoring. With cellular monitoring, you are offered a reliable connection that is less susceptible to tampering. It is easy to install, doesn’t require any wires and you can be sure to be kept alert of your home’s security as long as you have access to your smartphone. This is the option that we would highly recommend for today’s fast paced world.

Are You Looking For DIY or Professional Installation?

The next thing to consider when choosing the best security system for your needs is whether you are looking for DIY installation or for a professional to install the system into your home. With DIY installation, you are in full control. It is up to you where you place sensors, and you are able to piece everything together yourself. Whilst most home security installations aren’t too difficult, it may take you up to a couple of hours to get everything sorted. If you have the time to spare, why not try installing a system in yourself?

Another option is to get the professionals in. With professional assistance, a technician will handle everything for you. They will assess the layout of your home, place sensors where they deem most useful and be able to give you advice or answers to any queries you may have. You’ll also have the added insurance of knowing everything was installed correctly, giving you peace of mind when you go to bed at night.

Consider Your Budget

When it comes to the price of home security systems, it is always wise to keep note of monthly fees, activation fees, service fees, relocation fees and cancellation fees. Not keeping track of these expenses may result in you receiving a bill that will make your blood pressure skyrocket. Various companies will charge accordingly for these services, so do look into how much you will be forking out before taking the leap and purchasing a home security system. Certain companies will allow you to lease their equipment, whilst other companies will require you to purchase equipment.

Last But Not Least – Customer Service

Last but not least, when it comes to selecting the perfect home security system for your needs, you will want to make sure that the company you choose offers excellent customer service. You will want a company that offers attentive, quick and knowledgeable staff that can assist you should you need their help at any given point. A great way to evaluate whether a company offers good service or not is to look at online reviews on websites such as Facebook and Product Review.

Do you have a security system in your home currently? Do you like it, or do you wish you had something different?

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