When Tummies are Upset…think BRAT!

This past weekend I had a nasty spell with my Celiac’s Disease. If you’re not familiar with that, Celiac’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder (in which your immune system attacks itself instead of whatever is coming against it) and a severe allergy to wheat gluten. I’ll do a series on this in the future, but, for now, suffice it to say that if I accidentally get any wheat gluten in my system, the results are not pretty. Ever had food poisoning? Yeah. This is about twice as bad.

Anyways, normally I’m fine, except maybe a little spell here and there…but this one started last Friday and took me down for the count! And the pain was worse than I remember it being before. (I’m actually STILL in some pain today!) But at some point, you have to try to eat again so you can gain some strength back, and when I tried to eat, I couldn’t even finish a cheese stick. (Maybe not the BEST thing for me to eat, true, but it was what I had on hand that was small!)

Sunday and Monday, it didn’t matter what I put in my stomach…the pain was pretty much unbearable. There’s no point in eating if it’s gonna hurt that bad. And then, I remembered…

When I was little and I would have an upset stomach for anything, my mom always put me on the BRAT diet for a day or two. (No, not because I was sick and being a brat! HA!) The BRAT diet is simply a bland diet that consists of foods low in fiber.

BRAT is…

PicMonkey Collage 2

Yep, BRAT = Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast!

Some have also modified this diet, calling it BRATT (with tea), BRATTY (with tea and yogurt), or BRATCH (with boiled chicken). Sometimes the “T” also stands for tapioca!

I need to throw a “G” in mine somewhere, because one of the only things I can drink and stay hydrated with when I’m sick is Gatorade. How would that work? BRATG? BRAGT? GRABT? I don’t know…but you get the idea!

I already had the rice, but I grabbed some applesauce, gluten-free bread, bananas and Gatorade, and voila! The difference in how my stomach reacted to the BRAT diet was like night and day, thank goodness! And I wonder, why did I not remember this BEFORE?!

But when people saw me eating, they were wondering what on earth I was eating? It was then that I discovered that no everyone was familiar with the BRAT diet, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Have you tried it? Pros and cons? What is your go-to diet when your stomach is upset?

61 thoughts on “When Tummies are Upset…think BRAT!

  1. I’ve heard that Celiac Disease is no fun, sounds terrible. Sorry you had such a bad time of it. Glad you are feeling better now.

  2. The BRAT Diet is amazing for stomach issues – my sons pediatrician told me about it 17 years ago. It works wonders, are you able to try peppermint too? I use peppermint in an essential oil that I just add to water each day and it helps more with my issues than the BRAT diet.

    • Yes! I always have peppermint something with me, just in case! Sometimes if I’m caught without it, even grabbing a York Peppermint Patty will settle my stomach instantly! (Not the healthiest, but it works in a pinch!)

  3. My mom taught us about the BRAT diet when we were little! My husband was sick last week and I told him he needed to eat some toast and he just laughed at me and asked me why in the world toast would help him feel better. But he ate some and it was pretty much the only thing that he could keep down for several days! =)

  4. So sorry for your pain, not fun. BRAT is new to me, never heard of it. It also made me think when was the last time my stomach was upset, do not remember. This is big for me. I changed my diet to wholesome foods, basically no sugar or additives and things have improved so much in so many ways. It is so worth it to eat what God created for us to eat. I am afraid though Gatorade is not on that list.
    Get well soon, Kristen!

  5. The BRAT diet is so important and the number one thing to remember when you or your kids are sick. We have been doing this forever and now even doctors are recommending this diet (it is amazing what people will try to eat when they are sick and wonder why they upset their stomach more!). Thanks for sharing this great info!

  6. Other then the bananas which I am allergic to (talk BAD stomach ache) yes-I generally do go for applesauce, toast and peppermint tea–oh and jello

  7. So sorry you had a really rough time of it this past weekend, Kristen. Glad you are feeling much better. I had heard of the BRAT diet for tummy aches years ago, but haven’t though of it in years. So glad you reminded me of it. I usually eat saltines when I have tummy issues, but I’m going to remember the BRAT way. Pinning!

  8. My daughter has Celiac and has spent more time on the BRAT diet than she would like. She usually adds plain baked chicken, and powerade, but last time she got “glutened,” all she could eat was applesauce and water for days!

  9. I always do this when my kids have tummy aches, however I am pregnant and I cannot eat bananas at all. they make my stomach hurt so much!

  10. My Mum always taught me toast or crackers when I was feeling a little better I would be allowed a scraping of jam but not too much. I hate having an upset stomach it is just the worst πŸ™ x

    • Ooo, good question! Pretty much white bread is best. The healthier it is, the more fiber it holds. So all the whole wheat breads, and the ones chock full of seeds are not the best for upset tummies πŸ™

  11. I’ve heard of the BRAT diet for upset stomachs. For me, I don’t like rice, so it would be more of a BAT diet. I drink peppermint tea when I feel sick. That always helps!

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