What’s Stopping You From Cleaning Out Your Attic or Basement?

I mean, especially at this point in 2020, right? If you’re not one of the billions of people quarantined due to COVID-19 then…I wanna be YOU! HA! Even though this task may be a huge one, one could argue that you DO happen to have a bit of time on your hands. So why not?

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Cleaning out your attic or basement is usually part of a whole-house cleaning that involves a lot of work. There are a lot of things to keep in mind. At some point, you’ll probably have to accept that you may not be able to keep everything in your home. It can be hard to let it all go, but there are ways to make it easier and ways to make your cleaning go a lot smoother. Too much clutter can waste a lot of time when it comes to living life in your home as you will have to spend more time finding things than you would if everything was organized properly.

In addition to wasting your time having to look for things, cleaning with a house full of clutter can take a lot more time than you think. With all of the things in your home, there is a good chance that many of them would serve you better if you put them in some type of storage. For example, if you live in Louisiana, find the self storage Shreveport LA residents trust. This would be a much better option than letting them sit in your home. Decluttering is never an easy process and it can take a lot of planning and time to make sure that it is done correctly. Even though it may not be the most enjoyable process while you are doing it, it has a lot of rewards that you may not have thought of.

A Decluttered Home is Better for Your Health

There are many reasons to declutter your home, and many of them relate to your health both on a mental and physical level. Having clutter in your home can be stressful to look at as well as navigate around. This stress can have a huge impact on how you are doing mentally. On a physical health level, extra clutter in your home creates more space for dust, mold, and other allergens to accumulate. This could lead to problems like respiratory infections and even inducing asthma attacks in those who already have these types of problems. Keeping your home clean is important and it can be a lot more difficult to do when there is too much clutter to allow it to be kept organized.

What’s Stopping You?

The idea of having to get rid of things that you still are attached to can be difficult, but moving these things to a storage unit, while making your decisions, can help to make the process easier. It will give you the time to think about what you should do next. Many of the things that you are keeping probably hold a lot of sentimentalities, and getting rid of them would be difficult. Organizing your basement or attic may also seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everything has to be done at once and you are able to do these things in phases.

Some things that you may be telling yourself is that you can’t get rid of things that you aren’t using right now because they were expensive and you never know when you might need them again. In these situations, it’s often a good idea to go ahead and put these things into storage. It’s important to make sure that these items are properly labeled so that you will be able to find them easily when it is time to use them. Putting these items away helps you get a better idea of just how long you actually go without needing to use them. This might help you make your decision about them.

There are a lot of things that you can potentially do with your basement or attic once you have organized them. You may be able to create some great new spaces that you and your family can live in or maybe just make existing spaces just a little bit nicer. The rewards of decluttering have been talked about a lot lately and it has become a popular trend to try to get rid of the things that aren’t making you happy. It’s not just about cleaning and organizing your things, rubbish clearance and decluttering your home requires you to change habits when it comes to purchasing and getting rid of things that you no longer need.

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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned how hard it is to let go of things that I’m attached to, and most of them are stored in the basement. However, my kids have been requesting a game room and this is the only area available for remodeling. I guess it’s really time for me to sort my stuff out and look for contractors afterward.

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