What To Look For When Picking A Stroller

When a baby is on the way, knowing what to purchase in order to be prepared for the little one can feel totally overwhelming! But, as a mom of twins, let me just tell you right now: you WILL need a stroller!

You will quickly find that a stroller will be one of your most frequently used baby items. Every walk around the neighborhood, cross-country road trip, and everything in between will require that trusty stroller. This is a purchase that you will definitely want to put some thought into! Before jumping in, take a moment to ask yourself what to look for when buying your stroller.

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With so many options to choose from, it’s important that you understand the difference between stroller types.


Standard strollers are known as being more long-lasting and durable, perfect if you’re planning on having multiple kids and holding onto it for a while. However, they are also known for being a bit bulky and difficult to transfer from place to place. This is great for around the neighborhood, but not necessarily ideal for travel.


This is the ideal stroller option for active parents. These are designed specifically to be used while jogging and running and have plenty of storage space and additional features. However, jogging strollers are quite bulky and take up a lot of space when folded up. Keep this in mind in your consideration.


Self-explanatory, a double stroller has space for two children. Whether they’re seated side by side or one in front of the other, this is ideal for families with twins, or perhaps a baby and a toddler. Keep in mind that some double strollers can be difficult to maneuver.


Ideal for anyone looking to take their stroller with them wherever they go, a lightweight stroller is the best option for travel. They typically weigh less than 20 pounds but have less storage than other strollers.

Car Seat Carriers

Car seat carriers are simple frames that are intended to hold a car seat. They are ideal for younger babies, but cannot be used once your little one outgrows their infant carrier.

Let’s Answer Some Questions

Sit down with your partner and start with the basics- What is your budget? Where will you be getting the most use of your stroller? What weather will it be primarily used in? Who will be using it the most? How important are extra features for you? Answering these simple questions will lend a helpful hand in narrowing down which strollers work best for you.

Whatever option you decide to go with, be sure it fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Take some time to consider what you truly need and get the stroller that works best for you. Happy shopping!

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