What Makes Polyaspartic Coating a Great Choice for Concrete?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about this here on the blog before, but I’m the daughter of a building contractor. Some of my earliest memories are of visiting construction sites with my dad. He’d stop and grab me breakfast on those early mornings, and we’d go check his sites. Bonus for me if there were piles of fresh sand I could play in or stacks of concrete blocks I could climb! In fact, from concrete blocks on construction sites to concrete blocks stored in our backyard at home to my dad having his own mixer and mixing and pouring concrete any time he wanted…well, I’ve been around concrete a bit in my time. But it’s fascinated me recently how versatile concrete REALLY is! Have you ever considered concrete for YOUR home?

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Concrete is the most preferred choice for flooring in high-traffic areas. It has a longer life when compared to other materials. However, concrete is susceptible to moisture and chemicals. 

You can protect it and extend its durability with polyaspartic coating. As a protective layer, this coating enhances the resistance of a floor to chemicals, wear, and humidity. Also, it increases the aesthetics and color of the floor surface.

The concrete surfaces are tough, but they wear prematurely without a proper seal. From gritty garages to commercial or industrial spaces, you need the right type of coating for long-lasting protection. 

Polyaspartic is a revolutionary product and an extension of polyurethane chemistry. It has better properties than its predecessors, though. The reasons that make it an excellent choice for concrete surfaces are:

UV Stability

Polyaspartic offers many benefits over traditional coating materials for concrete. It is a UV-stable material that does not turn yellow with time and age. It protects concrete surfaces, especially in the outdoors, from UV rays. As a result, your outdoor kitchen, driveway, or commercial floor sustains its appearance for a much longer time. 

Quick and Easy Installation

Whether you run a commercial establishment or need floor renovation for your garage, polyaspartic offers fast installation. While epoxy takes 5-6 business days for complete installation and finish, the installation of polyaspartic takes no more than 4-5 hours. 

The material has lesser or no VOC or volatile organic compounds that take a longer time for curing. Hence, you wouldn’t lose your business or spend more time than necessary for its application. 

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion affects the equipment, furniture, and other components in your commercial or industrial establishment. When applying a floor coating, it makes sense to choose a material that can protect against corrosion. 

Polyaspartic has a significant advantage in this regard. It can safeguard your vehicles, equipment, or machinery from moisture or humidity for a longer time. 

Resistance to Stains

Spills and leaks frequently happen in garages and commercial spaces. If you do not have a protective layer on your flooring, oil spills or other chemicals can seep into the concrete. Also, it can make the surface slippery. 

But, with polyaspartic coating, you can get rid of these issues. It not only prevents slippery surfaces but also provides resistance to stains or discolorations on the floor. Hence, it is also an excellent choice for concrete floors in the kitchens. 

Aesthetic Appearance

In commercial spaces like malls, hotels, retail stores, and restaurants, you need durable and attractive flooring. Decorative concrete can serve both these purposes when coated with polyaspartic material. This protective layer has incredible resistance to abrasion. 

Also, it retains its clarity and sheen for a longer time. Whether you have stained or decorative concrete overlays, polyaspartic can restore and preserve their appearance. You may also customize the looks of the coating with quartz or color additives. They enhance the overall attractiveness of the floor without any chemical impact on air quality.

With other advantages like excellent bonding, weather-resistance, clarity, exceptional adhesion, and flexibility, polyaspartic is a popular choice for environments that need durable concrete coating. It is also an eco-friendly choice due to lesser VOCs. 

Do you have any concrete surfaces in your home?

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  1. That is pretty cool that polyaspartic coating protects against UV light. My concrete is a bit discolored from all the sun. I’ll have to hire a contractor to lay down a new coat and repair any cracks.

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