Ways to Give Kids Confidence as They Grow

In today’s world, it’s not surprising that many grown-ups are battling esteem and confidence issues. There is a very high chance that such problems came as a result of childhood experiences. If you fail to equip your child with the right skills to empower themself, it’s possible your child may grow up and have similar challenges.

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To avoid this, teach your children how to love themselves and accept themselves as they are. Below are ways you can nurture your child’s self-confidence as he or she grows.

Don’t criticize or yell at them when wrong

Just like anyone else, children make mistakes. They need love when they make mistakes. If you yell at your child or give them negative criticism when they do wrong, eventually they may stop believing in themselves and will not make an effort to do anything.

Later on, when they are adults, they will try to be perfectionists since their subconscious tells them there’s no room for mistakes. They could then fade to the background and become depressed or deal with mental illness.

Instead of yelling and criticizing them when they do wrong, teach them patiently how to do the right thing and tell them why what they have done is the wrong thing. Encourage them to try more often and do the right thing always.

Celebrate them when they succeed

Always give your child credit if they deserve it. If your child emerges as the best in their guitar lessons for kids, they are looking forward to your praise and positive reaction. Show them you are happy and if possible, buy them a gift or spend some extra one-on-one time celebrating their accomplishment.

If a child notices that their parent does not appreciate a positive change, they will feel discouraged. Celebrating your child will make them want to do better and be proud of themselves. This can build self-confidence.

Try a few positive affirmations

Many young people are taught positive affirmations and there can be benefits when they are adults. Repeat statements such as, “I am brave,” “I can do it,” or “I am a hard worker.” These affirmations teach them to believe in themselves.

The idea is that a child who is taught how to say positive affirmations early on will always try to live by that and will become empowered.

Listen to them

Allow your children to give their opinions and listen to them. Children feel encouraged when they see someone valuing their views. They will become self-confident and will always contribute to topics and motions even when they grow up.

In school, this strength will aid in their answering of questions in class. Give them the chance to decide things like the outfit to wear, the toys they want to have, what to cook, places to visit, and other things. Such children end up believing in their instincts and trust they can do more.

Nurture their passions

Not every child wants to be a lawyer or a doctor. Children are aware of what they can do and identify their passions even when young. If they are supported, children will easily nurture their passions and talents. They will also have time to perfect their skills and be excellent at them when they are older.

Parents should always support their children’s passions and dreams if they want their children to develop self-confidence.

Be their role model

To build your child’s self-confidence in the best way possible, be a role model for them. If you are a good role model for your child, they will always do what you do. If a child sees how you clean, how you cook, or how you deal with problems, they will also do that and believe in themselves because they believe what you do is right. This will also help you as a parent to strive to always do the right thing.

Encourage them to be risk-takers

Motivate your child to push and try to achieve more than what they have already achieved. If your child tells you they joined a school club, motivate them. Ask them to try and be the club leader.

By encouraging them to try new things, they get out of a comfort zone and grow their confidence. There might be setbacks and stumbles at times, but you should always be there for your child and encourage them during each instance.

Remind them that everyone experiences failure and they should not give up. Encouraging your child now to get out of their comfort zone will help them reach their fullness in life!

Are you a parent? How do you boost your child’s confidence?

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