Van’s Giveaway for Celiac Awareness Month!

It’s no secret to anyone who follows this blog that I have Celiac Disease. And, if you’ve been around long enough, you know that Van’s is one of my favorite brands of gluten-free foods! They really were a lifesaver for me when I was first diagnosed – and they’re still extremely helpful…most recently in the throes of morning sickness!

So the fact that May is Celiac Awareness Month makes it the perfect time to share food options for those with gluten sensitivity! And that’s exactly what Van’s is doing, offering an opportunity to try its NEW gluten-free granola and snack bars, and get in on a giveaway event valued at more than $150!

Van’s, a leader in wholesome new snacks sure to satisfy the kid in everyone, kicks off summer with two new snack bars (Banana Bread and Gramwich- a chocolate stuffed graham cracker sandwich) and Soft-Baked Whole Grain Granola Clusters in Double Chocolate and Banana Nut.

Van’s decadent, bite-sized gluten-free granola – perfect for family road trips, an easy addition to breakfast or anytime on the go – are a soft and chewy portable snack perfect with frozen or Greek yogurt or by the handful when a craving hits. The Double Chocolate and Banana Nut Granola is baked with delicious, gluten-free, whole grain oats and offer 12-14 grams of whole grains per serving – with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Need some creative ideas for using Van’s Granola?

Check out this recipe from Melanie of Nutritious Eats!


Or how about this one from Cassie of Back to Her Roots!


Or even THIS one from Kim over at Kim’s Cravings!


If granola isn’t your thing, Van’s Chocolate Gramwich Sandwich Bars pack as much favorite-treat nostalgia as they do delicious flavor. Made with real chocolate sandwiched between two whole-grain, graham-style bars, they’re a one-of-a-kind pick-me-up. And their Banana Bread Bars blend banana flavor with gluten-free oats and flaxseed to create a tasty and portable version of banana bread that’s wholesome enough to enjoy as part of breakfast.

To celebrate Van’s new yummy gluten-free snacks, they are featuring a giveaway event for $100 Visa gift card, Van’s tote, Van’s water bottle, two cute, reusable snack sacks and coupons for free Van’s Foods. The winner will also receive an extra set of swag to give to a friend! 

And guess what?! The giveaway is LIVE now!

CLICK HERE —> a Rafflecopter giveaway <— CLICK HERE

Good luck, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Van’s Giveaway for Celiac Awareness Month!

  1. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! I will participate in the giveaway… wouldn’t mind a $100 gift. 😀 Those pictures look delicious by the way – would love to try those yogurt bites.

  2. Celiac disease is quite common and it’s good to know that people who have it have a lot of options for food. This is an awesome way to raise awareness!

  3. Celiac is a pretty new term for me, but I love how you step in to create awareness & it is great to know we are in celiac awareness month as well. And my goodness I am just loving that super delicious recipes made of Van’s Granola & the giveaway sounds interesting as well.

  4. I love seeing all the cute breakfast recipes in my FB newsfeed from Van’s. All of the recipes on this page look so yummy and I love that they are all gluten free.

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