Using Wall Clings in Your Home

When we were renting an apartment, I didn’t want to paint any of the walls…because I didn’t want to have to paint them back to white when we moved! So I used several wall clings in various areas of the apartment. But when we moved, and I took the wall clings down, they weren’t very…clingy…anymore. I was a little sad. But my mother-in-law found me new ones!


But I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with them. (And please excuse my dirty grout…boy, I didn’t realize how MUCH it needed to be cleaned until I looked at this picture!)

I can paint whatever I want now. But I don’t like painting. And the whole house was freshly painted right before we moved in. But there was this one wall…in this nook of a hallway we have…

It was blank and I thought it might be just the spot for some wall clings. So I put one up to see what I thought about it…


…and I decided to do continue on!

I started with these two…


…and then I got to THIS one.


Yes, those are individual letters. DANG IT, MAN! This took forever to get all of these straight.

But it was worth it. See?




That gives such nice inspiration to the dark hallway. And, even though in these pictures you can tell that these aren’t all the same color, in the dim hallway it’s hard to tell the colors apart. I think wall clings in general are very inspirational!

Do you use wall clings? What do you think of them?

38 thoughts on “Using Wall Clings in Your Home

  1. I love them!! I went to my local Dollar Tree and purchased some as well. I didn’t want to do to much because we are currently renting while we are trying to find our dream home. I love them because when its time to move, all I have to do is peel them off. 🙂 They look great in your home!!

  2. I have yet to use clings, I just can’t commit to the words. I know it sounds funny because I am all about family, home, etc. but they are a bit too sentimental for me. I was thinking earlier this week that I should have one of my friends print me out my favorite quotes for my new office. On the other hand we have been in this house for about 4 months and we have painted a lot, I live with a house full of artists who don’t like white walls.

  3. I recently discovered wall clings, and I am totally enthralled by them. They are just so beautiful. I love fancy fonts. I haven;t used them, but if I could find some inexpensively priced… I might! 🙂

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  4. I just purchased some wall clings two weeks ago actually. They are GREAT when you want to decorate a wall but don’t want to hang picture frames. I haven’t put mine up yet, but plan on doing so before Thanksgiving. I love how you did yours!

  5. Those are so cute! I want to get some for our house once we get it painted. I had to laugh about your grout. I can’t believe all the things that I have discovered wrong with my house since I started taking pictures of things for my blog. And the things that are not as clean as I thought, don’t get me started.

  6. I really like how nicely you put together your inspirational ‘wall clings’. I purchased some ‘scenic’ ones a few years back for a bathroom, it was trees, birds and worked great. I never replaced when we repainted/ remodeled, but I remember I got them at Ikea and planning a trip there soon, will be adding to my list . Thanks for the reminder! I’ve seen the inspirational word ones as well as chalkboard ones at Target, may need to check that out.. my kitchen/blog space/craft table/anything goes area could use some inspiration, maybe they make a cling that says ‘clean up your mess, kim!’

  7. First of all your wall looks so nice with the wall clings. You did a great job! I have never used wall clings. My husband does not want me to touch our walls with them. I won some wall clings last year and I still haven’t used them. One day I will convince my hubby to allow the wall clings to go up. Thanks for the input. Now I know what to look forward to.

  8. Those sayings look really nice on your hallway wall. I always admire those in other people’s homes. I may do that in the ‘new’ house, once this one sells and we can purchase a new one. I really like the positivity it promotes.

  9. Those looks really nice on your wall! I like how they’re not too dark, but just seem to nicely blend with the wall color. These are perfect for someone who’s renting or doesn’t want to paint. This is also good if you want artwork, but don’t want to put nail holes in your walls.

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