Transforming an Outdoor Space – A Guest Post!

Summer is in full force here in Central Florida, and many take advantage of the season by reinventing their outdoor spaces! (Myself included – you may have read my post where I was dreaming about my patio?!) So when Jenny from Tesco contacted me to see if she could write an article exactly along those lines, I was thrilled! I hadn’t heard of Tesco previously, but after visiting their site, I decided that they offer some fantastic items! Here’s what Jenny had to say…

Creating and maintaining a beautiful garden is hard work. Many amateur gardeners strive to create a beautiful natural space but don’t necessarily know where to begin. Improving an existing garden can seem a daunting task for many, but in reality there are several great ways to create the perfect outdoor space or transform an existing space from a run-down or overgrown jungle to a well-maintained beautiful garden. Here are few great tips for sprucing up a garden.

Source Comfortable Furniture


Much like any indoor space, the place where everyone ends up spending the most time is where they feel most comfortable. Don’t spend a fortune on fancy looking (but wildly uncomfortable) furniture when something simple and utilitarian will do. There are a range of garden tables and chairs available everywhere from the internet to charity shops so be sure to compare prices and quality before making any purchases. A picnic table or some outdoor sofas can quickly turn a garden from a space to observe to a place to experience. Be sure that outdoor furniture purchases are able to withstand the elements or if they will be taken in during winter, that there is suitable space for storage.

Establish Boundaries


Many gardens feature an eclectic mix of fences, rambling hedges or any number of other ‘boundary’ elements that have been pieced together over the years. Establishing a clear and cohesive boundary for a garden space can completely transform the way it looks and feels. Ripping out old fencing doesn’t necessarily mean that the materials go to waste either; industrious DIY enthusiasts can re-use old materials for all sorts of things from new garden structures to a well-fed and super productive compost heap. Creating a unified boundary with fencing or hedging is often times one of the most effective ways to define a garden’s character and create a beautiful calm space that can be enjoyed both indoors and out.



Summer can be a tough time to part with flowering plants, however a clean sweep of the garden can often be quite cathartic. Ripping out old plants and turning over soil can bring new life to old borders. Consider everything from available light to orientation to year-round colour to various forms and textures in an effort to get the creative juices flowing. Creating new borders full of colour and life and dynamic layers will not only rejuvenate the spirit, it will re-define a garden in unimaginable ways. While some existing plants and shrubs may have sentimental value, don’t be afraid to rip everything out and start fresh.

Transforming a garden doesn’t have to be a big, expensive job. A few small changes can make a big impact and can be carried out over the course of several weeks, months or years depending on specific budgets and timelines. Anything from sourcing a great garden table to planting a few new perennials each year can have a big impact on even the smallest space.

Awesome tips, thank you, Jenny! (I love how she pointed out that you don’t have to do your transformation all at once – you can work at it bit by bit!) Don’t forget to go check out Tesco!

Are you working on transforming any of your outdoor spaces? Do share!

74 thoughts on “Transforming an Outdoor Space – A Guest Post!

    • Wow, Kim, yes, I guess that would be hard! Seems like you would need everything made of stone, right? Thanks for your comment!

  1. I love gardening and these are wonderful tips, especially the part about not having to do it all at once. Just like a home, an outdoor space is usually not built in a day. Great tips!

    • Yes, my type A personality benefits from that tip, too LOL (But I so LOVE to get everything DONE at once!)

  2. We have a very small garden at the back of our house, and it is now full of various plants my mother planted. We are happy with our status quo, and we are not planning to make any major changes.
    Good luck on your work in your garden!

    • That’s great that your family has created a space that all of you love – perfect!

    • Oh, you ain’t kidding, Carmen! Mercy! I thought Central Florida was hot, until I was in Miami several summers back, and MY WORD!

  3. I have a plain, boring old deck. I would love to get some new furniture and accessories to liven it up, but then I always think about other things I need first and it gets put on the back burner.

    • I feel ya there, Robin! That’s why the landscaping in the front yard at our house STILL hasn’t been updated…because I’ve been playing around too much in the back yard LOL

  4. My outdoors are a huge yard that I have no clue what to do about. Landscapers are quite expensive here in SA so I’ll have to stick with you and learn as much as I can about transforming my home. I’ll start with planting a few flower items as you suggest. Keep well!

    • Yes, Zee, landscapers are NOT cheap! (I thought about having someone come in and do ours so it would just be DONE, ya know?) But the cost just isn’t quite worth it to me…I’m too thrifty!

  5. I am not much of a gardener, I’d love for something beautiful to bloom but it never does for me :(. I have a pretty big patio out back that needs some updating, that furniture set would look beautiful out there.

    • Well, Jenn, I’ve definitely learned what I CANNOT grow LOL I’m sure there’s more things that won’t coexist well with me that I’ll find out about in the future, but for now I try to keep everything easy so I don’t kill it LOL

  6. I am currently shopping for some outdoor furniture. We are waiting to hear back on a house we are trying to buy and I will have a really nice outdoor area to decorate. I can not wait, lots of flowers will definitely be the focal point for added color.

    • Oh yes, I do adore bright and cheerful flowers! Good luck to you on this big event!!!

  7. Good tips! We created an outdoor room in our front yard a few years ago which we defined with flowers and furniture. One of the great things about it was that when we grew tired of it, we simply took it all down, which we did after my husband built a deck.
    We are currently working on a makeover for our front porch. We love sitting out there and decided to spruce it up this summer! I will share it on the blog soon, I hope!

  8. We live in a rented house and my home owner doesn’t finds time to water the plants, so as of now I am helping him in watering the plants.Anyways ,useful tips for those who outdoor space.

  9. We are doing a little here and there too. It’s a work in progress, but eventually, we’ll have it the way we want. Hopefully before the kids move out lol.

    • I know it! I always wonder if they might “return to normal”…so I hold out hope LOL

  10. I think the tip about making small changes is key. Nobody likes to think about a complete overhaul in the middle of summer, but this just underscores that even small changes can make a huge difference. Now I just need to get some seriously comfortable garden furniture…

  11. I don’t have any outside space to transform unfortunately. But I do think even small changes can make your outside spaces more beautiful and that it does not have to be done all at once.

    • I know it, I’m back and forth on the idea of a rug for my back patio…can’t make up my mind…

    • I know, it’s hard for me to go in stages, because there’s nothing more satisfying to me than to get something totally DONE. But that’s also stressful LOL

  12. I love my garden although I’m not a great gardener. Fortunately my garden is pretty well established although there is always something to do to improve it.

    • I’m not a great gardener either, Helene! Right now I’m experimenting with different veggies to see what I can grow and what I can…not grow LOL

  13. Great tips, I am not really into gardening, but I tried “lasagna” gardening, which is building upon the existing ground with layers of cardboard and compost. It’s not very pretty, but it will be nice to have fresh lettuce and cucumbers!

  14. Great tips! We actually worked on our back deck last summer. This summer I’m trying to maintain the yard and add more plants. I need something with a little less upkeep!

    • Oh yes, I always love to hear what you have to say on all things “decor”, Veronica!

  15. I love that furniture pictured. That would go perfect on my patio. I have furniture and it still looks good but …

    I need to spruce the rest of my yard up a bit more. Thanks for the tips.

  16. A clean sweep of the garden can be cathartic. I’m having trouble with my bushes out front, the ones we’ve had forever that thrived and we have never done anything to… now I’ve changed out the dirt and mulched (and added flowers) all last year, and they’re dying! EEK!

    • Oh no!!! We have some of those bushes, too…I think I’m gonna rip them up! Troublemakers! 🙂

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