Top Tips for Traveling with Babies

If you don’t know that we’re expecting twin girls this summer, well, then you missed the announcement! But hey, now you know! In light of that, our summer plans include a bit more “staying close to home” than normal for the hubby and I. We’re doing a tad bit of traveling, but not too much. We hope to be back to our traveling selves when the girls get a bit bigger. And by that time, we’ll have to figure out a whole new way to travel, right?!

So when Terri from Wooden Toy Shop contacted me to ask about publishing an infographic regarding traveling with infants, I was quite interested! Of course, I have to multiply all of her tips by 2, but it’s great stuff, regardless! Check it out!


Travelling With Babies

I never would have thought to check with the hotel to see what baby supplies they might be able to provide! Awesome ideas!

What are YOUR best tips when it comes to traveling with babies?

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18 thoughts on “Top Tips for Traveling with Babies

  1. I don’t understand those who see packing a basic first aid kit as tempting fate. If nothing else, you’re more equipped to handle a small situation than rushing around trying to find a bandaid.

  2. These are really great tips for traveling with babies. We have 3 kids and have done a lot of traveling with them throughout the years. I try to go through every possible scenario in my head to make sure we never forgot anything when they were little. Of course, you will forget something here & there! Never fails lol

  3. As a mom of twins, I am excited for you. Congratulations and great tips on traveling with the little ones! it’s a lot of work but worth it. 🙂

  4. I don’t even have children and I’m reading this feeling overwhelmed. Some of this stuff seems pretty logical. but I’d never think to be worried about the hotel room. Great info!

  5. Traveling with kids, babies especially, is totally manageable. You just need to be prepared. This is a great infographic, showing how to making traveling a little easier.

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