Top 6 Houseplants For Beginners

If a good recommendation for your very first plant baby brings you here, you landed on the right page. But first, welcome to the houseplants club!

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Finally you decided to become a plant parent. And we understand that looking for your first potted green is no walk in the park. That’s why you’re here. Good thing we’re close to the OG plant moms and dads from Hello Blooms who gave us a list of the best house plants for newbies like you. These species are low-maintenance plants and will probably make you want to do this endeavor full-time!

These are in no particular order so let your plant mommy instinct do its magic!

1. Golden Pothos Vine

In the wild, Golden Pothos are notorious for enveloping an entire trunk of a tree, covering them with their large green and golden leaves. But as a houseplant, it will spread its leaves aggressively from pots and will sprawl to nearby furniture.

They easily root with a glass of water and will grow with minimal care. So if you want your room looking like it’s pulled straight out of the jungle, Golden Pothos are the way to go!

2. Spider Plant

The charm of a fully-grown spider plant is what makes plant moms and dads gush over it. This plant baby beautifies your room with its thin and sharp arching leaves that seem to shoot out from the ground, which makes it an impressive hanging plant.

Spider plants are also one of the easiest plants to keep alive indoors! It’s not picky with sunlight, water and temperature. So you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle just for this beauty!

3. Snake Plant and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

The name may sound sketchy and derogatory, but the fresh and relaxing vibe these plants can bring to any space is unmatched. They are a common houseplant that you usually see in offices.

Snake plants have green on green bands on sword-shaped leaves while mother-in-law tongue has yellow margins on its leaves. They thrive on spaces where there is plenty of light but not that particular about watering. So it’s still relatively easy to take care of!

4. Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plant got its name from its huge heart-shaped leaves that develop holes as the plant ages, resembling a block of Swiss cheese in the process. Be careful, though! It may sound delicious, but this plant is definitely inedible.

Like everything in this list, Swiss cheese is a low-maintenance plant, too. And it tends to climb if a support is nearby the pot. But without support, it simply sprawls or trails.

This plant originated from the jungles where they are covered by large trees so indirect sunlight is its preferred light.

5. Succulents and Cacti

Whoever is not familiar with these little cuties definitely lives in a cave. These plant babies are one of the most common houseplants today. Look everywhere in garden centers and nurseries and most of them are flooded with the different varieties of succulents and cacti.

In general, succulents and cacti are desert plants. So they are used to the harsh environment and climate of the desert. They grow best under bright lights, in well-drained plots and little water. Simply put, they thrive even when you often neglect them. But as a responsible plant mom and dad, please don’t!

6. Lucky Bamboo

Now this is what you can truly call the ultimate office plant. Every office you go into grows their own lucky bamboos. Is it because they are bearers of luck? Kidding aside, if you score this widely popular, you’re the one who’s in luck. Because if you really don’t have the green thumb, this plant will continue to live on.

Despite being placed in poorly lit spots and rarely watered, they will thrive! And will continue to bring beauty, good energy, and luck to its environment! So if you badly need luck in your life, you just found the perfect plant baby for you.

Being a parent to houseplants is no easy feat. It requires a lot of time and energy. in watering your babies, draining them, arranging them so everyone gets an equal share of sunlight. Just like nursing a real baby!

It’s not a cheap hobby either. The chic pots, high-quality soil and other gardening tools will surely cost you a fortune. It might even make you go bankrupt (but we hope you don’t go that far).

The point is, nursing some cute little greens in your room or garden requires commitment. Once you dip your toe in the water, you go all out. But don’t worry. If you really see yourself being a full pledged plant mom and dad, and you’re ready to put in the work, you’ll do just fine.

Start with small, like all the houseplants that we’ve included here. Pick one to get you going and we wish you good luck on being a parent!

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