Top 5 Outdoor Garden Trends For 2020

How’s your garden going this year? So far mine has really been more of an experiment than anything else, but I’m still going strong with it! Since we’re at the point where the hottest trends for your outdoor gardens for 2020 are starting to come in strong, I thought it might be nice to round out the top five trends for everyone!

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Earth-friendly activity alert! Reduce your carbon footprint with one of the trendiest activities yet to grace our lives since the recycling revolution. Composting is as easy as not throwing stuff away. By stuff we do not mean plastic packaging or the like – we mean vegetable and fruit peelings, eggshells and pretty much any other plant-based scraps. Gather them together in a compost heap or box and once it has stewed into all its nutrient-rich glory you can then mix this into your soil for an amazing nutrient boost.

Elevation, E L E V A T I O N!

We are so impressed with this one. Small space? No problem! With a little out-of-the-box creative thinking your problem is solved. From living wall kits for your urban jungle to planting hanging or trailing plants in wall planters, the possibilities of creating your sublime vertical garden are virtually endless. Once you have installed your favourite vertical vision, sit back, and let the beauty soak in. Vertical gardens are also a great way to keep your plants pesky pest free without any hassle.

Incorporate H2O

Water is the driving force of all nature. For this reason, and many more, water features have made it into our top five. Adding a beautiful water feature can be both aesthetically pleasing as well as being cathartic. Surround it with gorgeous, big outdoor planters filled with greenery and it makes for a beautiful focal point.  If full-on water features are not your thing, then simply adding a pretty little water feature for the birds will do the trick. 

Double-Duty Planting

Plants with gorgeous green leaves and stunning flowers are not the only reason to plant to your heart’s content. Plants can provide wholesome and tasty food, leave a wonderful scent, and offer cooling properties as well as medicinal use. Add plants with heavenly scents to your favorite spot; it is like a mini vacay for your nose. There is nothing like solving two problems with one rewarding solution!

Low to No Maintenance 

Everyone wants a gorgeous garden to relax in and have good old-fashioned family time in, but if we are all honest – none of us want hard work or the stress to keep it looking as gorgeous as it did in the beginning. Planting the right plants at the right time might sound like a bit of a difficult task but once you get the ball rolling and learn the basics, it is very simple to continue. There are also a number of garden hacks to try or, if you have some cash to spend on this project, there are plenty high-tech garden goodies (such as an automatic watering system!) to be had to keep the actual effort of maintaining your garden to a minimum.

What trends have you noticed in YOUR garden so far this year?

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