Top 10 Tricks for Easy Carpet and Rug Cleaning – A Guest Post!

I’ve been telling my husband for several months that I’m going to replace the rug in our dining room.

While the majority of our home is tile and wood floors, I still have rugs scattered about, and the dining room rug has had more than it’s share of incidents.  (You all know that one place on the carpet, or that one rug that has just taken a beating in your own home…everyone has “that spot”!)

For some reason, when we first brought Taffy the white doggy home, every time she decided to act out, she did so on the rug in the dining room. I’ve cleaned it and cleaned it and cleaned it, but it’s still not quite the same. Plus, we eat in there, and we and our guests have not helped the rug to look any better! 

So when Sofia Lewis contacted me to see if I’d like to share her post on carpet cleaning (EASY carpet cleaning, at that!) I was ready to read it to see what I was missing! Checkout her top 10 tricks!

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

1) A thorough inspection at the earlier steps of the carpet cleaning is that little, yet quick and easy step, where you should only consider where are the heavily worn areas, the most stained ones or these that require more care. From the play area to the adjacent areas to the dining table or the chairs – these are usually the spots which see the heaviest daily traffic.

2) Pre-vacuuming is another quick and easy trick, which will help you to get rid of the loose dirt particles. If you`re lucky, you can easily clean the carpets with just a thorough vacuuming. Because of that, a great idea is to change the vacuum cleaner bag often or at least before every big home cleaning.

3) Make a simple homemade detergent in a medium sized bowl. A detergent of hot water, powder laundry detergent, baking soda and shampoo should play a great role for the elimination even of hard greasy spots from butter, margarine, tomato sauce or gravy. To get more power of the cleansing effect – just let the solution to soak for 10-15 minutes and dissolve the grease deep in the fibers of the carpet.

4) For spot treatment of stains,  use a couple more tools that you probably can find at home, such as a hair dryer and a grooming brush or an old toothbrush. The brush is perfect for wiping off the excess of the homemade detergent with the dissolved dirt, which works especially well on carpets with short fibers. On the other hand, the clean and wet spots should be exposed only a couple of minutes to the hair dryer to enhance the evaporation.

5) The areas under big heavy furnishings are usually cleaner, but the contact area between the furniture and the delicate carpet fibers may look darker, worn, pressed, shrink or with other indentations. To make them look like new, just treat them with a clean towel damped in hot clean water. After a couple of minutes, clean the excess water by dabbing only and then by applying a relatively great force. A quick vacuuming should then remove the wet traces and therefore to make the fibers fluffier, just like new.

6) For cleaning the entire surface of heavily soiled carpets and rugs at home, take them outdoors. A warm day in the springtime is a great choice for the house cleaning and thus for the carpets. Make sure that they are dampened well in water and not drenched. This will save you a bigger mess by providing the same results and with a considerably less waiting time for drying.

7) The easiest trick to ensure the clean and fresh look of the carpet right after deep cleaning is just to turn it on its backing, which is especially effective and impressive with two-sided carpets.

8) Rotating carpets is basically the same trick, but it is better to eliminate the chance of any identifications being made in some parts of the carpet due to the heavy weight of the sofa, for example.

9) Use eco-friendly solutions and detergents, especially if you have small kids or pets at home and you let them play over the freshly cleaned carpets. Then you also don`t have to leave the windows open due to the risk of breathing unhealthy volatile compounds.

10) Don`t expose carpets with natural fibers or hand-knotted rugs to a direct sunlight. It can cause staining, discoloration and other issues that need a specific treatment. Read more at:

I hadn’t even thought to take my dining room rug outside! Now that’s a good idea! Thanks, Sofia!

Do you have carpets or rugs in your home? What is your best recommended way to clean them? 

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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Tricks for Easy Carpet and Rug Cleaning – A Guest Post!

  1. Great article! My favorite trick is to use baking soda to deodorize my carpets. I sprinkle some on my carpet and let it sit for anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours and then vacuum up. It neutralizes odors and leaves me with fresh smelling carpets and rooms. You can even add a few drops of essential oil if you want more fragrance. I would recommend spot testing this if you have deeply colored carpets to make sure the baking soda doesn’t react badly with the dye. I also use this trick on my mattresses to deodorize.

  2. I really like tip number five. I’ve always wondered how you are supposed to get rid of the marks left from furniture. This sounds like it will work great, which means I can move my furniture around without worrying about the indentations left.

  3. Great tips! I’ve even used a few of these myself. Thanks for hosting the #homemattersparty and allowing me to be a co-host for the month of July. I can’t believe the month is already coming to a close.

  4. These are great tips. Old toothbrushes are good for so many things! Thanks for sharing and for being such an amazing friend and partner-n-party hosting the #HomeMattersParty with me – I appreciate you, my friend! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  5. These are very handy tips. I thought our shag rug in the living room was a gonner but then took it out on the driveway and hosed it down. Was much better, but there’s a few more tough spots that I’ll try to get at with these suggestions.

    We’ll miss you at the #HomeMattersParty! Thank you for having us a co-hosts!

  6. Tip number 5 seems quite interesting. We often get a lot of clients asking us how to get these marks out. We normally inform them that they will come up over time. Where did you get this idea from or did you just try it out one day?

  7. I usually don’t comment but this is a really nice blog and I am learning a lot of new things.
    Thank a lot. Keep writing and spreading more useful information with us.

  8. Great blog! Appreciate all the helpful tips and tricks given here. Here is another one for your readers, that we use on the regular during our business. If you have gum stuck into the fibers of the carpet, using ice to chill it makes it brittle and far easier to remove once hardened. Give it a shot and may get you out of “sticky” situations in the future. Thanks again for the blog!

  9. I was searching for a homemade cleaner to clean my carpet. You shared some fantastic tips to make cleaner as per your instruction, I made a cleaner by mixing hot water detergent, backing soda & shampoo. And could successfully clean my carpet by using this cleaner. Thanks for sharing this article.

  10. Wow! what a great article it is! I read your tactics and applying it in cleaning my bedrooms and dining hall and the results are really amazing. I am surprised when I see the results. Your tricks are really good and well working.

  11. Thank you for sharing such a great article. I was looking for the same and applied a lot of methods to clean my carpet but I am not satisfied with the results. Then, I found your article and I applied your tactics and I am really amazed by the results. Your tricks are really working!

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