Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Concrete in Your House

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before here on the blog, but I’m the daughter of a building contractor. I learned how to lay concrete block when I was about 3 years old, and I’ve been to quite a variety of construction sites in my lifetime.

Growing up, if there was one thing you could find in our backyard, it was concrete block. My dad used them quite often in different construction projects, and since they were in good supply, he used them around the yard, too. He made worktables for special projects he was working on. He made a raised gardening system for my mom. He tacked down the edges of our tent “fort” with them when we were little, and when we got older, he built us custom sun-bathing “decks” with them.

So when Matt Hubert reached out to me to see if I was interested in publishing a post on a variety of ways to use concrete around your home, it really took me back! From simple planters to exposed aggregate concrete driveways, I’ll bet my dad will love these ideas! Check them out and see what YOU think… 

If you are seeing the grey-colored and rock-like texture of concrete as a reason why the material can’t be used in making some cool and contemporary structures, think again. You can, in fact, capitalize on these grey characteristics of concrete and use it to create some useful and visibly appealing stuff for your home.

Besides, concrete is quite easy to work with. You can paint it with any color you want and give any shape you want. You can use this versatile building material to create fabulous design elements for both the interior and exterior area of your house. Without further ado, let’s check out some innovative ways to use concrete in your house!

A Multipurpose Stand


You can use concrete to make a multi-purpose stand for your home. You can use it as a holder for keeping knives or pens. At the same time, you can use it to hold your tablet or smartphone. Click here to learn detail instructions. Quite an affordable idea, isn’t it?

A Resting Bench


Do you have some open space outside your home? Well, you can use concrete blocks to create a resting bench where you can create some lifetime memories with your family, friends, relatives or neighbors. Unlike any other bench you could have considered, undoubtedly a concrete bench is going to last longer.

The above image shows a real durable concrete bench. But certainly that’s not the only way you can use concrete to create an outdoor bench. You can also layer up your concrete bench with some cozy pillows and a soft sheet to transform it into a happy corner of your home.

A Vase or a Planter


Have you seen a concrete vase before? Well, you can easily create one. Either you can use concrete to create the base of the vase or mold concrete into a cylinder shape. Brainstorm your mind to find a contemporary design idea. What’s more, you can use concrete to make planters too. You can plant bushes into your DIY planters and bring nature to your home.

A Work Station


Concrete can also be used to create a workstation with a minimalist design. In order to create a work desk or a side-table for your home as shown in the image above, you will need 4 concrete blocks to form the base and a wooden board to form the table-top section. You can also utilize this table to place your books, magazines or some artifacts.

A Pair of Heart-Shaped Drawer Pulls


What else will look more beautiful than heart-shaped drawer pulls? You can easily buy a heart-shaped molding tray from a local market, if you don’t have one at home already. Next, you will need some cement powder and water. Fill the molds with the cement mix you have prepared and don’t forget to insert a screw before it settles down completely. You can use these door pulls to your kitchen cabinets or drawers. They will look fabulous and they are very light on your pocket too.

A Chopping Board

You can use a flat-base plastic mold to shape up your concrete chopping board. To manage with the rocky edges of concrete, you can use sand, Rockite and Cement; this blend will get you a smoother but also lighter-colored surface. If you want to ensure your durable chopping board is food-safe too, you can use one of the sealers available for concrete counter tops or use beer wax in the outermost coating.

A Candle Holder


You will only need a milk carton or a rectangular-shaped cardboard piece and some scissors to create the concrete holders as shown in the image above. Make four holes into one side of cardboard box at equal distance from one another. Fill the cement mixture on the hole-free side of box, seal the box properly using tape. Here you need to ensure that holes are of a diameter that can easily fit the candle bases you want to put in. Insert the candles, before the cement base completely dries out.

You can now use your imagination and creative skills to add to the aesthetics of the concrete candle holders. You can keep them square, rectangular or any desired shape and size. So, possibilities of new designs are endless here!

A Centerpiece Flower Vase


Concrete isn’t always dull! Get a concrete block, paint it with some vibrant colors and put some beautiful flowers into your concrete vase. It will look simple yet elegant as your main room centerpiece.

A Book Shelf


Most households out there have wooden shelves and certainly they don’t come cheap these days. But how about using concrete to create a book shelf or multiple storage shelves for your home? You simply need to have some concrete blocks and stack them up, one after another. To add to the visual appeal of your concrete blocks, you can paint them with some bright colors!

A Bookend


In the process of creating a monogram bookend using concrete as shown in the above image, make sure you apply some vegetable oil to the mold (a hard plastic container) before pouring the cement mix into it. Once you fill the container properly, imprint the letter B at the bottom and let it dry for 2 days. Don’t give it direct sunlight; instead you can put the container in a cozy place like a basement floor. After two days, you can break the container and your concrete bookend is ready to be used.

Do you have some creative ideas of concrete-crafting? Share them in comments.

WOW! THAT was quite a list of ideas! Thanks so much, Matt! I especially love the drawer pulls and the resting bench!

Did these ideas spark any for YOU?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Concrete in Your House

  1. I just love the rest bench and the candle holder. Both of those ideas would look excellent on the back patio that we hope to build this year. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Ha ha ha…Who knew concrete could be used in so many different ways. These are so creative. I love the desk and bookshelves. My dad works with concrete because he is a mason by trade. I think the only thing I remember having at home with concrete was a washing sink on the outside. I can’t remember what it is called exactly.

  3. Oh the memories! My Dad was a Concrete contractor most of my life. He loved pouring concrete and making beautiful driveways. Concrete is quite durable and functional. I like the candle holder.

  4. The flower vase is my fave! I love it! These are all great ideas. I saw where a woman had spray painted some concrete blocks and made a flower garden. It was adorable.

  5. A friend of mine made kitchen counters out of concrete. IT Looks amazing! Also a friend has all concrete floors in texas in her house. After waxing them it looks incredible. I think it can look very beautiful.

  6. I’m in a concrete industry yet I’ve never thought of this innovative ideas. Awesome!
    Btw, we could also install stamped overlays on concrete to add patterns, texture and color. 🙂

  7. I love that you talked about different ways to use concrete in your home’s spaces. Recently, my wife and I started to do some renovations to our house. We want to make our backyard into a comfortable place to relax, so we’ll be sure to look into a concrete bench for it! Thanks for the concrete ideas. We loved them!

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