Tomato Ketchup: Health Benefits, and Make Your Own!

I was born into a ketchup-loving home.


It’s true! My dad would eat nothing other than ketchup on his steak. My sister’s favorite dip for most foods was ketchup. And if she cooked something that didn’t have enough flavor in it, mom just brought out the ketchup.

So when I first started dating my husband, I found it hilarious that he loved ketchup just as much as everyone else in my family. And after we got married, probably my greatest failing as a wife was the day I let the ketchup run out. I believe his exact words were, “How could you let this happen?!” 

Now, I like ketchup okay. But I don’t HAVE to have it like the rest of my family! But it IS pretty much a staple around the United States, isn’t it? So when Jerin from Best Juicer Choice contacted me to see if I was interested in this infographic, I was intrigued. BENEFITS of ketchup? Okay, let’s see!
benefits of tomato ketchup

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With  a ketchup recipe to boot! Thanks so much, Jerin! I  guess I need to go dip something in ketchup now…

Who likes ketchup around YOUR house? Do you have a favorite brand that your family enjoys most?

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21 thoughts on “Tomato Ketchup: Health Benefits, and Make Your Own!

  1. I grew up not liking ketchup and loving mustard. My brother was the opposite – he disliked mustard and loved ketchup. When I grew up, my taste for ketchup changed and now I couldn’t eat a french fry without its sidekick – ketchup. I didn’t realize all the health benefits! Now, if french fries were as healthy as ketchup . . .

  2. I love ketchup but I have a son who doesn’t. It’s hard for me understand that. What’s not to like? And… Now I can share with him the health benefits. Well, that might be a motivator but it sure is great

  3. I had no idea!
    2 of my cousins ate nothing but ketchup sandwiches! (well, it seemed like it. One was a redhead, and we teased him all the time about where he got his red hair!)

  4. I personally don’t like ketchup. The rest of the family loves it! I had no idea about the health benefits of it.

  5. I’m not huge on ketchup (except for my fish sticks LOL), but I do love tomatoes. So, hopefully, I am covered with these benefits too. I had no idea ketchup was so good for you.. Guess I’ll stop griping at the ids now…

    Life With Lorelai

  6. My kids love Tomato Ketchup so much, but I never knew it has so much of health benefits as well. I love that info-graphic that explains all the benefits in detail. Thanks a lot for sharing this great information.

  7. I’ve known for awhile that the lycopene in ketchup is good for the male prostate, but I don’t believe I knew all the other benefits. Bring on the ketchup!!
    Thanks for hosting the #homemattersparty and allowing me to co-host with you. It’s be an interesting ride. 🙂

  8. Oh what a relief! 😉 Now I don’t have to feel quite so bad about my son’s diet when the only thing my picky guy will eat at some restaurants is fries. He uses tons and tons of ketchup but I always just figured it was one of those “no real nutritional value” foods.

    It’s been great co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you this month!

  9. Wow, who would’ve known ketchup could actually be so good for you? Though I’m sure the homemade kind is much better than store bought lol. So interesting! Thanks for sharing! I’m really enjoying co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you!

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