Tips for Sprucing Up Your Kitchen

There is nothing quite like the joy of a meal that turns out just like you wanted it to. If you love to cook, the kitchen is your happy place. Cooking up a storm gives you calm, relaxation and gratification.

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Your affinity for the kitchen could easily become a stressful experience, though. Over time, appliances start to get dated, faucets get faulty and the space becomes less pleasant to cook in. Factors such as advancement in age or having children in the home can also make the space no longer suited to your needs.

All is not lost, there are affordable changes you can make to salvage your kitchen without having to tear it apart. Read on.


Fittings are a general reference for any installations that are affixed to the structure of your kitchen. They include:

  • Sinks
  • Cabinets
  • Worktops


Cabinets and drawers are opened and shut innumerable times. It is a wonder how long they manage to stay intact. You will, however, notice that doors become loose and their exterior becomes drab.

There are many ways to redeem cabinets. Painting the doors or replacing wood with partial glass is one way to go about it. If you choose to install a glass door, consider painting the inside of the cabinet with a bright color. The dramatic effect infuses color into the room without being overbearing.

Whether you are getting new doors or sprucing up the old ones, you will likely need new hinges. You should no longer have to put up with creaky noises and stiff rotation. Instead, consider choosing the accuracy and smooth experience of custom cabinet hinges. Such hinges are specifically tailored to the kind of cabinets you have. As a result, they fit perfectly without needing any forceful installation or maneuvering.


Quality worktops do not come cheap. Moreover, the process of replacing them could involve more construction than you are willing to get involved in. Luckily, there are compromise solutions that could improve your worktops.

The type of remedy you choose will be based on the kind of look you are hoping to achieve. It is possible to completely change the look of the worktop by painting, tiling, or using refinishing kits. On the other hand, you could re-laminate it and maintain the same look you know and love. Both options are pocket-friendly.


It is impossible to keep the kitchen clean without a proper sink. Nevertheless, just like everything else they tend to suffer inefficiency after some years. Installing a new 30 inch stainless steel sink is the better option. as stainless steel will not peel, crack, or chip because Leaks and improper drainage are the most common problems in the sink.

Flushing the system is always a good idea. The age-old housekeeping trick of using hot water, baking soda, and vinegar works well enough. If that has not worked and you have still been experiencing clogging and leaking, you may want to have a plumber advise you. Replacing an aged sink system is sometimes inevitable.

Kitchen tiles

After all the changes, you may want to update the kitchen tiles. You will have a variety to choose from but if you plan on using them for flooring, the non-slip type is safer.


When all the fittings are in place, you will have a better sense of the room. That would be the best time to decide on what kind of color and general decor you would like to have. Even a small carving knife set can give your kitchen a modern look.

Given that a kitchen is a creative space, find colors that uplift your mood. It is advisable to try and choose schemes that will not darken the room. Light is reflected on surfaces and some colors do so better than others. 

Other bits and pieces such as tea towels or blinds are very salient but they make an overall difference. Additionally, if you have kitchen seats, new fabric will bring them to life and add a pop of color. Not everything has to change though, work on the aspects that will make the most impact.

Pots and Pans

Anyone who is a firm believer in baking tins might have misgivings about the flexible silicon trend that has caught on. The truth is, they work really well and are versatile in terms of shape. Cookware has taken an innovative turn. 

In light of this, it would be a good time to get some new items. It could be a new grill pan or a wok you have been coveting. Whichever the case, a little indulgence will not sink the ship. The aim is to make your cooking experience more delightful than it was before.

As part of sprucing up, let some of your stock-pile of Tupperware go. Take the opportunity to create more room and order by giving up what you no longer need.


Sometimes it is difficult to let go of an appliance that has served you for a long time. Plus, you just get the sense that you understand it better as opposed to adapting to a new replacement. What is the point of even buying new appliances if what you have is not broken?

Well, energy efficiency is one good reason you should consider upgrading. Most appliance manufacturers have been putting in more effort towards making products that use less energy. So, your light bill might go lower and you would be doing your bit in fighting global warming.

Further, consider how much easier it would be to clean a frost-free refrigerator. Or the comforts of controlling its settings from your phone. Worth a try, is it not? You do not have to buy all the appliances at a go, start with replacing the ones that are clearly on their last leg.


The thought of a renovation can sometimes be too overwhelming to consider. Endless construction and big budgets are some of the reasons most people postpone the work for decades. 

A grand approach is not always the one you need. There are ways, as evidenced on this list, that you can improve a room at your own pace. Every year you postpone getting the work done, is one more year of diminished enjoyment of your home. You deserve better.

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