Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

A few months ago, I walked into our garage to grab some bottled water from our extra fridge, and *something* darted across my path. Naturally, since I didn’t actually SEE what that *something* was, I screamed and ran back inside the house. Hubby to the rescue! And what he discovered was a tiny little itty bitty mouse. UGH. A mouse!!! Apparently, each time the field in front of our home is mowed, the mice migrate to our garage. NOPE.

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One of the greatest worries you can have as a homeowner is a rodent invasion. The unfortunate discovery of rat or mouse droppings when you move a box in your pantry can be both disturbing and unsanitary. There are numerous problems caused when rodents make their way into your home. Issues caused by these vermin range from structural damage to health problems. 

These reasons make it imperative to take proper measures to ensure that rodents do not enter your home in the first place. Following a few basic guidelines can stop rodents from entering into your home and wreaking havoc. Implementing these rules into your rat or rodent prevention strategies will yield great results. 

Remove Their Habitat

Among the most effective ways to prevent rats and rodents from entering your home is to remove any external places they may live. This is critical because rodents will use these locations near your home as a base of operations, which can lead to their eventual entry into your house. In particular, rats will set up camp in these locations and then enter your home when they need to pilfer food and cause destruction before returning to their nest. Online, pest control specialists provide more rat information on what kinds of things rats will do in your home. 

There are a few things to remove externally if you have rats in or near your home.

Overgrown Brush and Vegetation

Areas with dense vegetation and overgrowth are the perfect place for rats to nest. They provide shelter and protection from anything that may want to cause them harm. Always maintain and prune areas of dense plant growth to remove this home for rats.

Old Vehicles

Old vehicles are among a rats favorite spot to inhabit. They have plenty of little nooks and crannies that allow them to hide when they feel threatened. While it may seem harmless to keep an old car or truck in your garage, you are providing a nesting spot for rats and rodents right next to an excellent food source, your home.

Remove Dead Animals 

Rats and other rodents are scavengers by nature. So, when a dead animal somehow finds its way onto your property, it is critical to remove and dispose of this food source properly. Cleaning up dead animals quickly and completely will stop the carcass from attracting rats and rodents. Once attracted to your property or home, they may look around and see what other food sources are available to them. Dead birds, roadkill, and even dead rats you have caught in traps need to be cleaned and removed as soon as possible because these dead animals will turn into a valuable food source for all sorts of rodents.  

These are a couple of ways to keep rats and rodents out of your home by being proactive and following a few basic maintenance guidelines. If you already have rats in your home and you have traps set out to catch these pests, ensure that you are checking and cleaning up dead animals that have been snared regularly. If this is too much work, or if you are repulsed at the sight of dead animals, your best choice is to hire a professional who can take care of it for you. The best way to keep rodents out of your home is to solve the problem before it begins.

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