Tips and Trends for Internal Doors

One of my best friends is in the process of building her dream home, and the other day, she was trying to choose internal doors and door handles. She had texted me a few pics to see what I thought, and it dawned on me: I’ve never paid too much attention to our own internal doors here at the house. So I stopped everything I was doing and walked through the house, looking at our doors. Yep, I like them. They all match, and I even like the doorknobs, too. There we go. Crisis I didn’t know I had= averted!

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Doors take up a lot of space in your home while seeming to take up none at all, even while staring directly at them. They’re used every day and see a lot of wear and tear, but will last long after the brand new sofa requires replacement. The right doors can add a sense of harmony to the home. The wrong doors create chaos and an oppressive atmosphere. 


The purpose of internal doors is to separate different rooms in the house. Even in the most open plan of spaces, residents still want a bathroom that’s been closed off. 


All internal doors needed to be replaced together. They need to match. Mismatching doors create chaos and an oppressive atmosphere. Doors that match will create peace and harmony for years to come. Interior doors last long past whatever the latest interior design fad is. That doesn’t mean contemporary styles are off limits. Contemporary doors are designed with time in mind. 


Doors take up a lot of space in the home. That doesn’t mean they have to make rooms look smaller. The right doors can add the illusion of space to the smallest of rooms. They can make the ceiling look higher. Glazed doors let natural light travel from room-to-room, bringing light and warmth to even the coldest and most oppressive of spaces. 


Each home is different. Door designs should be picked to enhance the home’s natural features. A contemporary door isn’t going to feel right in a home with original Victorian fireplaces and tiles. Replicas of classic styles are available to enhance your home’s built-in features. 


Finished doors are doors that arrive ready for installation, already with paint or varnish. These are ideally suited towards people who don’t have much time or lack the space to be painting their own doors. 


An unfinished door is a door that arrives pre-sanded but requires paint or varnish. Some may require light sanding. Doors can be a bit tricky to paint, but worth it if you really want to add your personality to your home. 

They need to be laid flat to prevent drips and leave a smooth finish. They also require drying between coats. 

The beauty in an unfinished door comes from being able to paint the door one colour on one side and a different colour on the other. Remember the interior doors are going to be with your home long past the purple paint in your teenage daughter’s bedroom. 


Door handles and hinges need to be updated at the same time as the door. The accessories are the door needs to function. There’s not much point in taking the old handle off a door and putting it on the new door only to replace it one year later. This damages your new door. 

Doorframes are neglected. Without one, the door would be a simple plank with nowhere to hang. If the frame cracks, you’ll need to take down the entire door for replacement.

When’s the last time YOU checked out YOUR internal doors?

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