Tile. It’s Not Just to Walk On!

You’ve heard me say it here on the blog more than once: the only carpet we have in our home is in our closets! It’s true!

While the bedrooms have wood floors, throughout the foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room and two bathrooms, we have tile, and lots of it. As a matter of fact, even the front porch is covered in decorative tile!

But I guess I never really thought much about tile being anywhere except under my feet. I mean, I’ve seen it as a backsplash, in a shower and sometimes used as countertop. but that was about it! So when Matt Zajechowski contacted me and asked if I would be interested in sharing a tile guide developed by the design team from Drury Design, I took a look at it and gave him a resounding YES!


You’ve GOTTA check this out!!!


Matt was totally right: tile is a fun and stylish way to decorate that can fit into any design budget and every desired aesthetic in your home! I LOVE this infographic! If you loved it as much as I did, you really need to visit Drury Design’s website (CLICK HERE) too for more inspiration!

Do you have tile in your home? Do you like it or hate it? Did you get any ideas from the infographic?

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46 thoughts on “Tile. It’s Not Just to Walk On!

  1. I have tiles on my kitchen floor and along the walls. The people who lived here before me made a fancy design out of tiles on part of the wall.

  2. The only place I have tile is in my bathroom! I live in an apartment and that is how it came. I would love to have tile behind my stove. I see that they even use tile on ceilings–interesting concept.

  3. We have some brand spanking new tile on our kitchen and bathroom floors, LOVE IT! My daughter wants subway tile as the backsplash in her kitchen!
    We recently saw a lot of tile used as the backsplash at the IKEA store in Atlanta.
    I think tile is very versatile and fun!

  4. I love the look of tiles. I don’t really have any in my house right now. Even the kitchen has that roll-out fake tile stuff, lol. But I really love the way it looks, especially as a back splash.

  5. We have tile for the whole downstairs and bathrooms upstairs. It holds up so much better than carpet (and is better for allergy sufferers).
    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I will keep them in mind when remodeling.

  6. I guess I have never thought to put it up on the walls in the kitchen and other places, too! We once lived in a home where we had it on the living room floors. I The ideas are so fun to look at! Makes me want to redecorate my kitchen – oh wait, I believe this new kitchen has a little bit on the kitchen walls. Yes, that is true…lol. It is so easy to maintain and the kitchen is not very big (maybe that is why I forgot) – never gave much thought to it!!LOL

  7. We have tile everywhere!!! Its typical down here, in Florida. I wish my hubby would let me get hardwood, the tile is pretty and with kids so easy to clean but it doesn a number on my bare feet everyday.

  8. What a neat tile guide! I love it! I do not own a home now, but someday when my fiance and I are married, and we have a home of our own I bet this will come in handy. I, also, love the green and white polka dots on your blog. So cute!

  9. I have glass tile on my kitchen back splash and it compliments my granite counter tops beautifully. I also have it in the bathrooms, but I’m getting ready for a complete gut job in my master bathroom. Bring on the tile! Love it.

  10. Tile is beautiful. We have part of our kitchen counter made from small tiles to contrast the rest of the counter and I love it.

  11. I have an uncle that can do the most gorgeous tile work you’ve ever seen. His bathroom and kitchen make me stand back in awe of his talent. Tile is definitely for more than walking on!

  12. The only place I have tile is my kitchen, foyer and washrooms. Hmm.. coming to think of it, decorative tiles will look totally cool in other places in the house too!

  13. I never heard of tile that was made from animal hair. I guess it’s true that an old dog (me) can learn new tricks. 🙂

    I LOVE TILE more so than carpeting. It’s easier to clean, is it not? It’s perfect for the home with pet accidents (or in my case, kitchen spills) and I absolutely love it.

    Unfortunately, my home doesn’t bear too much tile. Other than the bathroom and kitchen – everything else is carpet. Drugery!

  14. I love tile! We’ve done our kitchen and 2 baths so far. I still have 1 more bath to go. I am becoming quite good at it, if I do say so myself lol. Really, it does add a lot of personality to a room, vs boring paint!

  15. We have really awful tile in one of our bathrooms. (It’s from the 70s. Total mustard-yellow.) I’m loving the look, though, and would love to add it to our kitchen. Just not in mustard-yellow.

  16. We just recently remodeled our kitchen in a major way. I had a lot of fun picking out the granite and limestone and inserts that we went with. We also have stone on our living room floor and I really love it.

  17. Now that’s the kind of thing I need to pin. I hire people to come in and do some of this kind of work and I end up being asked what kind of tile do you want – do you want ceramic or subway or blah de blah is what I hear,….honestly I have no skill at this at all. I usually say: um I donut know what do you think?

  18. Those designs are gorgeous. Tiles are only located in the bathrooms and the kitchen in our home. I agree with the title of your post! I’ve actually made some tile coasters as a DIY project and I loved them.

  19. I prefer tile only as a backsplash – big ones – in the kitchen, not in the bathroom (shower/bathtub please…get the me the acrylic or whatever material easy-to-clean-and-wipe-down-version please!). I can’t imagine tile in a living room. My preference is wood floor! Tile is too cold for the feet anyway. I do not like carpet due to stains, dirt, chemicals, wear and tear, etc. 😉 <3

  20. I have recently become obsessed with interesting tile patterns as a backsplash and touches of it in the bathroom like in the shower. I think that there are so many beautiful tiles and they add such an interesting and unique touch.

  21. This post is awesome! I emailed to my husband. We’re in the thick of designing our forever home and tile is my sticking point. I’ve never been confident when it comes to tile, but this post has helped lots. Thank you!

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