Three Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

As you might know, we are celebrating Baby’s First Christmas this year – times two! The twins will be just over four months old come Christmas, which kind of threw us for a loop. They won’t be too “into” it, and they definitely won’t remember it! What should we do to celebrate Christmas with them without going overboard? 


Our goal was to celebrate together as a family, to avoid wearing them out with too many events, and to not spend a boatload of money!

With those things in mind, I narrowed it down to three P’s:


Of course, living in our house everyone gets photos taken of them often. However, I’m talking about something a bit more formal. This year, we took the girls to see Santa and had some photos done that way. If you’d rather schedule a family photo shoot with a local photographer, that’s perfect, too! Choose to do something a bit more momentous to mark the season than just a selfie!



We’ve had several family members already give personalized “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments for the Christmas tree, and I also ordered them their very own personalized stockings to hang with the rest of the family’s! 



I LOVE the Christmas pajamas tradition! This year, I actually ordered Christmas pajamas for all four of us, which was a fun way to do something together! (The hubby even said he liked it, and wouldn’t be opposed to having new Christmas pajamas each year!) YEAH! It’s a winner, folks!


Of course, we’ll be taking the girls to a few different Christmas events throughout the month, but most of the fun will have to wait until they’re a bit older. (Which will happen SO quickly!) So this  year, we’ll enjoy their photos (because they are SUPER cute), mark the day with a few personalized items (to keep things special), and snuggle in our pajamas (because what baby doesn’t love some snuggles with mom and dad in comfies!) 

Did you have itty bitties at Christmas time? What did YOU do with them to make the holidays special?

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19 thoughts on “Three Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

  1. Twins! How adorable they are!!!! We have quads in the family and they just turned 18 but I so remember how much fun they were at this age and all the years after. You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful family. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Ah twins. So cute. Baby #7 has her first Christmas in a few days, and she is our rainbow baby so I am extra thankful for this weekend with her. I cant wait to celebrate!

  3. Woah! Those pajamas are so cute! you look so happy family! Love to try this on Christmas eve! I’ll give that idea to my family! thanks for sharing such an idea!

  4. I love the pajama idea! How cute is that and it is wonderful that your husband participates and enjoys it too. The picture with Santa is so adorable too. My kids are grown but we always had special ornaments for them too.

  5. Your twins are adorable! I have twin girls as well but they’re all grown up now. This made me reminisce about their first Christmas. It was glorious! These are all lovely ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas!

  6. My son’s first Christmas sucked! We were broke and couldn’t afford anything. Of course, my son was barely 3 months old at the time, so he doesn’t remember. However, I tend to overcompensate now.

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