Things I’m Liking These Days…

Funny how our tastes change as life changes, right? I’m sure there are things you like now that you didn’t before…and probably won’t in the future! But there’s a few things I’m really liking right now, so I wanted to share them with you!

1. Chevron

DSC_0581 (2)


I like it like this, as an accent. I’ve seen it as a rug (that looks nice!) and as pillows, etc. I’m  not sure about the entire Chevron walls, but who knows, they may grow on me. This is definitely a trend…but I’m liking it!

2. Paisley



This has been a favorite of mine for a long time! I actually even considered making my blog background paisley, ha! But I really love it in large amounts of fabric. Paisley furniture? YES PLEASE!

3. Polka dots



I love polka dots (of any color) most on dinnerware or chachkes. But here lately I’m really digging the gold and white! I think I could make some of this stuff…

4. Quatrefoil



I think what I love most about this is that it is order. Pretty order. I love that it all matches and lines up perfectly! I really like it on walls and in rugs!

5. Fleur de lis



I don’t care how these are used or what color they are. I. LOVE. THEM. That is all.

So what are YOU into these days? Do tell! I wanna know!

86 thoughts on “Things I’m Liking These Days…

  1. I don’t really like busy patterns – I like warm hues in my wood stains. I guess I’m more into a “Pottery Barn” type of look. And I don’t like my furniture matchy/matchy either. I like my furniture to look comfortable, inviting and warm. If I’m ever fortunate enough to own a beach home, I will love decorating it with Sailboats, sea shells and beach colors! Thank you for inspiring me to dream of decorating this morning!

  2. I’m not a fan of the Chevron pattern but love paisley in the right colors and only in patterns that aren’t ‘toooo’ busy. We are currently shopping for a new home and in that process came across a house with an entire wall painted in chevron! My niece sells Chevron infinity scarves at her business and absolutely cannot keep them in stock!

  3. I’m sure your place is gorgeous and well put together! I like the chevron but am not so into paisley. It makes me think of Brad! The polka dots are nice, especially in gold. When I see the Fleur de lis, I’m reminded a friend used them to hang some curtains, and they made her house look wonderful and added that beautiful ornate touch. I love an eclectic look. I have a Japanese silkscreen on my wall, Thai photographs of the boat market, a carved Indian bookshelf and brightly-painted folksy plates from around the world over the windows. My accent is blonde hardwood and (faux paus) oak shutters over my windows. But I love it!

  4. I’m mostly a fan of “easy to clean”. Toddlers and pets and all. Someday, I’ll be able to decorate without worrying how well the pattern will hide grape juice… 🙂

  5. I dream of having a well decorated home. I love paisley and chevron, but in small punches. I love the quatrefoil also! Ack! All of the things! I think the key is having restraint and I lost mine somewhere in the couch cushions.

  6. I like the chevron pictured because it’s not the entire wall. An entire wall might make my eyes cross. The paisley colors are nice. I’m not sure if it would work in other colors. Or maybe I just like the color! Nice shares.

  7. I like the holder for the toilet paper, that way the little ones aren’t using too much off the roll. For some reason that roll is a source of fun in our house. 🙂

  8. Our new house has the whole living area painted into a light blue, like a sky in the distance. Not sure if I ever had chosen it on my own, but boy do I like it! I makes the rooms bright and somehow bigger. I just love it.

  9. I like things plain and simple–some design is okay-just not too busy looking. i seem to be gravitating towards solids these day–muted solids. Except in blouses-then I like hit pink, bright orange etc.

  10. I am actually loving what you’re loving. Seems we have the same kind of taste in decor. I’m really loving chevron these days as well and I can’t help but heading to Home Goods whenever I can. So much inspiration in there.

  11. I love the Quarterfoil and the Paisley. The Chevron is not a favorite and the Polka Dots – my youngest and I have been battling over dots for weeks. The word dot is one of his words to learn and he refuses because the picture is a circle not a dot – he is 4!

  12. I love the gold polka dot mugs and dishes . They really are beautiful. I am not too into anything right now. I am thinking I am in some type of mid-winter funk.

  13. I’ve been considering Chevron for years now.. I’ve been thinking of recovering a couple of dining room seats with this pattern in maybe a brown and black, it would be a nice accent pattern but not too much. Polka dots! I love polka dots, they make me smile, how fun would it be to open a cabinet filled with polka dots mugs (home made white mugs with sharpies). The foil wallpaper reminded me of the 70’s when my mom wallpapered our bathroom with something similar in color, she was so excited for her patterned wallpaper accomplishment but we all thought she was going through some hormonal phase in her life! My mom has always had a great eye for design 🙂 Great share and inspiration 🙂

  14. I love all of these patterns but I’m not a huge fan of paisley. I can definitely say I don’t have the same style as I did about 4-5 years ago so you’re right about that! 🙂

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