The Warranty & Manual Binder

Until we were homeowners, we only had a file-folder full of manuals/warranties that was kept in our filing cabinet. When we bought our house, I quickly discovered that the file folder wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Suddenly, we OWNED all of our appliances. There was no more calling the office when something broke…now there was “get out the manual and see if you can figure it out…and if not, you’d better be able to get your hands on that warranty!”

One reason why I am SO big on being able to find all of this stuff easily is that I’ve had to replace all kinds of things via warranty – but mainly car parts. (Tires, etc.) When you can’t find what you need, you have to pay full prices…and I’m not a fan of paying full price at all!

So, right now, we have a 3-drawer filing cabinet in our office. The top drawer is my hubby’s (I need to take a pic of it and post it sometime…it’s a straight up mess, but he can find anything he has in there within 5 seconds, it’s amazing!), the middle drawer is household stuff, and the bottom drawer is mine. I really didn’t want to fill up the cabinet with MORE files of manuals and warranties (I detest a crammed filing cabinet), but some of these things are pretty thick! And not all of them can be punched into a 3-ring notebook! What was I to do?

I’ve seen lots of templates for “Household Binders”. Have you seen those? Here are a few that are pretty cool:

Aprons ‘n Pearls Household Binder
A Simple Life Household Binder
iHeart Organizing Household Management Binder

You get the idea?

However, I didn’t really want to cram all of that into one notebook. (I dislike a crammed notebook almost as much as a crammed filing cabinet!) And I had already created my own Recipe Notebook/Binder (CLICK HERE for details on that!)…so the more I thought about it, the more I decided that I probably was going to need multiple notebooks. And the Warranty & Manual Binder was born!


I patterned it black and white to go along with my Recipe Binder, since they both sit on the same shelf in our black, white and red office. Additional notebooks I make I’ll probably pattern the same way, as well!


I bought simple colored tabbed pockets to go inside. Got pretty thick pretty quick, huh?


You can see a few of the things that I’m holding warranties and manuals on. And that is MY handwriting on the tabs. It amuses me how many people have asked me for the name of the font I’m using when they see my handwriting or printing – it’s just me! Maybe I should turn it into a font…


Here’s what the inside looks like. Pretty simple. Clean, colorful, and I can easily locate important things! Hey, when I thought my stove wouldn’t boil water the other day, I sent my husband after the notebook. Told him what I needed and he was able to find it quickly! SCORE!!!


So far, Sears (where our washer and dryer came from) is the only one who dares to give us a packet too big to fit into one of the pockets. What is that, a wrench? How nice…


See, it kind of corresponds with my Recipe Binder! God only knows how many more binders I can create!

Where do you keep your manuals and warranties? What about your recipes?

14 thoughts on “The Warranty & Manual Binder

  1. Love it! We created one for our last house and then when we moved, we left the binder behind for the new owners. i guess they were happy because they mentioned it to our old neighbor that we still keep in contact with. Lol,

  2. Love this!! I have all of ours in a file cabinet in our office, and I just went through it recently and reorganized too! I love living in organized spaces, leave my brain feeling less cluttered too! 🙂

  3. Love all things organizational and so this just makes me happy. It has been my goal to do something similar but (like you) was concerned with how thick some of the manuals are! Hopefully this gets me inspired to get them out of the filing cabinet and into a binder!

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