The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

So last week I shared some Spring Cleaning Hacks with everyone! Missed that post? CLICK HERE!


But I was thinking, hacks really don’t do much good if you don’t have a plan to actually tackle them. Right? Well, no worries now! Grace over at Terry’s Fabrics shared this lovely infographic with me to share with all of you: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist! Now you have it ALL!



I especially love those nine easy steps for de-cluttering, since de-cluttering is exactly our mission around our home these days. (Babies bring clutter, right?)

What do you think? Will this infographic help you complete your spring cleaning with style?!

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21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Everyone dread spring cleaning LOL! We all know that we’ll feel much better after the completion of the process, but it is extremely hard to get started. These tips are great to motivate people like me. I think de-cluttering is the first and the most crucial tip to begin with.

  2. I thought the information on hoarding was quite informative! I declutter throughout the year by donating old clothes I don’t wear anymore. Also, every time I bring something new in the house, something old has to go. That’s been huge.

  3. I do love to de-clutter! Organizing is my thing and so is spring cleaning. The thing is that I spring clean several times a year, lol. There is lots of great info in this infogram.

  4. I did my Spring cleaning early this year. I decided to do it at the end of winter so when the weather is good I can get outside. Of course I waited for the warmer weather to spring clean the chicken coop.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful article.
    I agree it is best to tackle and finish one room at a time.
    My process is to take on one room thoroughly, then do a little extra in surrounding rooms. Then keep rotating the one room I clean thoroughly.

  6. I quite agree that tackling one room at a time can feel less overwhelming. Last year, we began with the bathroom as it felt the least bit daunting! Have pinned this for later.

  7. I think I’ve silently become a hoarder, I have so much stuff and I can never seem to part with it. I really need to go though and un-clutter because I really don’t want to have it all just laying around, especially since I don’t need it.

  8. I am yet to start my spring cleaning & I have a lot to do with them already. This is such a wonderful checklist to make sure I can plan it well & stay organized to get the best results needed!

  9. what a great checklist!!! Hubby and I are talking spring cleaning this weekend! It will be nice to have our home organized again

  10. Hi Kristen,

    I already finished my spring cleaning but to be honest, I wish I found your list earlier. For example, I was trying not to multitask or even start from the top to the bottom of the house. Bookmarked for next year then. Thank you!


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