The Ultimate Expiration Date Cheat Sheet!

There are some things in your fridge that leave no guessing as to when they expire. Cue the cucumbers and the applesauce, right? (Those seem to be the two things that are always going bad in OUR fridge!) And then there are others that I stop, smell, wonder if I’ve smelled something rotten and start looking for the expiration date. If it’s expired, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll go right into the trash can!


Oh. And that’s just the FRIDGE! What about around the rest of your home? Cleaning supplies? Electronics? Beauty items?

Thankfully, the folks over at Quid Corner sent me this lovely piece to share with all of you! I think it covers the bases, don’t you?! 

If you’d rather see the above in list form, CLICK HERE!
Do you have any cheats to remember expiration dates? What expires easily around your home?
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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Expiration Date Cheat Sheet!

  1. My hubby has assumed the role of refrigerator item expiration date police. I am always shocked to see what he will toss out! If it expires this week, it’s gone! I’m in charge of the pantry closet. There is no telling how old the stuff in there is!

  2. I hate when things go bad in the fridge because I hate to throw out food. Cucumbers and lettuce are the main things that go bad for me. I’ll buy a nice organic lettuce mix and I hate, hate, hate when I forget it’s chilling in the veggie drawer.

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