The Top Movie Houses in Cinema

My husband and I LOVE “vintage” TV and movies, we call it. The stuff we grew up on, ya know? Full House, Family Matters, the Father of the Bride movies and the Home Alone series. Good stuff that reminds us of our own “good ol’ days!” But we were laughing the other day when we we got to talking about the house in the Father of the Bride movies, and wondered how much the mortgage cost. “Or what about the electric bill?!” he gasped. So funny. I guess this is what being adults does to your perception of things!


So when Louis from Cast Iron Radiators 4U contacted me with a neat infographic on the Top Movie Houses in Cinema and neat facts to go along with them, well. Let’s have a little fun on this Friday, why don’t we!

Top Movie Houses by Cast Iron Radiators 4u

What’s YOUR dream movie house? Know any fun facts about it?

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7 thoughts on “The Top Movie Houses in Cinema

  1. Oh that home alone house! I’d know it anywhere! I can’t believe its only worth 1.5 million. It looks like it would be worth so much more!

  2. Wow there are so many of these I haven’t seen since I was a kid! What a fun infographic and great reminder to watch some of these films again!

  3. I’ve always found movie houses so fascinating. There’s one here in Galveston that is awesome. We only saw the outside of it but it was still a great experience.

  4. Thank you for this! This post was very intriguing. I always wondered if they were all stage props or how they pulled off those house scenes. I felt like i was walking in Hollywood and had a map of the stars homes reading this!

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