The Top 10 Easy and Low-Cost Add-Ons for a Perfect Patio! – A Guest Post!

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And now, for today’s post!

I know, I know. If you’re looking out the window and you’re seeing WHITE, then I’m sorry for this post. Well, half-way sorry. I mean, now is the perfect time to be dreaming about a beautiful patio, right?! You’ve got plenty of time to plan!

So when Trang Lam from Window City approached me with the idea for this guest post, I was really liking it! (Also, if you’ve been reading the blog here for any length of time, you’ll know that I have a patio that I have some big plans for, so that made me extra excited about this post!) So, without further ado, let’s check out the ideas Trang has for us – this is good stuff, let me tell you!

Summer might be a few months away, but that won’t stop us from enjoying our gardens and patios to the fullest…as soon as the snow is gone! If you are a dedicated home lover just like us, you would still want to enhance the look of your outdoor area every single day. Here are 10 easy projects you can add to your beautiful patios with friendly budget!

1. Backyard Teepee


This conical tent traditionally used by nomadic tribes or hunters can be an exquisite wild life accent to your patio. An extra play room, a shelter from the hot summer days, cosy reading corner or a romantic retreat – there are so many uses for a teepee that can make the whole family happy.

Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home shared their tips on building this exotic No-Sew Teepee. Not only is it  super easy to make but it’s also extremely cheap. $7 for a unique useful patio feature – why not?

2. Miniature Garden


Megan from Rad Megan created this beautiful and oh so cute miniature garden with snail shells. Using small-growing succulents, she added in each empty shell a new life and they “immediately transformed into a miniature world.”

This tiny green factor is also an excellent bridge way to connect your patio with the rest of the garden. Check out Megan’s super easy instruction and start gardening!

3. Music/ Sound System


Whether it’s a sizzling BBQ party, a backyard camp night or a romantic dinner for two, your patio would always need a touch of music to complement the experience. However, the look of technology might not go well with the natural air of terraces.

Founder of The B-Roll blog, Charlie Visnic, provided a perfect solution with this detailed step by step instruction to build Retro Wireless Speakers from Ikea Salad Bowls. Covering up your sound systems with wooden cases would remove this drawback and create more rooms for decoration.

4. Garden Cooler


So you’re chilling on your patio, reading your favorite book which is coming to a thrilling ending. Nothing can get you away from the book, but you’re also feeling very thirsty. If only your fridge is right on the patio… you wished…

This vintage DIY Cooler from the Shanty 2 Chic is a more efficient and aesthetic way to make your wish come true. Features such as ice scoop hanger, towel hooks and bottle opener are embedded for maximized convenience. Finally, the $50 total cost of the project can only make it even cooler!

5. Table with built-in coolers


Hosting parties or dinners often mean you have to run back and forth to fetch drinks, food and every need your guests might have. It also means interrupted conversation and missing many valuable moments. To save you from getting up to get another drink for your guests, why not serve them right on the table? Follow Domesticated Engineers Alex and Sarah Pope’s wonderful building instruction for Table with Built-in Coolers.

Here’s a toast to never miss a cool party moment again…at least until the dip runs out…

6. Swing


Swings are no doubt one of the best features a garden gets to offer to either a kids or adult. In addition to the nostalgic charm it brings, swings also offer many fun garden games that keep you and your kids active for hours.

Follow A Beautiful Mess for this 8-step instruction to make a simple tree swing.

7. Rain Chain (or Kusari-doi)


Rain chain – a series of metal cups chained together to get rain water distributed downward – is a much more interesting alternative to down-spout from Japan. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also bring you the calming sound of falling water. In addition, you can use a barrel or basin to keep the water for irrigation purposes.

Mandy Pellegrin from Fabric Paper Glue brought this wonderful concept to her garden and also shared her DIY tips on Design Sponge. They are extremely easy to follow and low-cost. So if you want to add some Zen vibes to your garden this summer, the ombre rain chain is an affordable and simple way to go.

8. Outdoor Storage Bench


As much as we love to stay out on patios all summer long, there are windy or rainy days that residing indoor seems to be a better idea. You would also need to keep your outdoor pillows, portable chairs and decorations dry with an outdoor storage bench so you can reuse them any time. Carrying them in and out of the house is just not an option.

Here’s a simple building instruction for Outdoor Storage Bench from the famous DIY homemaker Ana White. It’s very easy to follow and the result is elegantly beautiful. Also, one of Ana’s followers replicated the project and said it only cost her $30-40!

9. Fire Pit


A fire pit is a perfect add-on to any patio. When the sun and temperature go down, fire pits pamper you with their inviting warmth and help prolonging those leisure days on your beautiful patios. If only their minimum costs were not as high as $200 each…

Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff challenged the high cost offerings from retailers and built herself this Personal Fire Pit for only $25!!! The building process is also very simple and straightforward. Follow her instructions and keep yourself warm inside and out.

10. Lighting


Lighting is a subtle but important factor to upgrade the beauty of your patio. The right lighting combines all effort you put on decorating the area, enhancing those features you’re proud of and covering up those that need improvements. Therefore, choosing lighting for your open-air section is as critical as buying the perfect table set. Laura Gaskill revealed on Houzz 6 ways to fix up your outdoor light.

Before you master the art of lighting, you can try this quick DIY Lantern from Gina of Willowday. It is one of the most creative, unique and easiest project we have ever seen. Although it would only work for the winter (um, right now!), it will definitely enlighten your patio and set upon it a magical sensation. Here’s another plus: your little ones will absolutely LOVE to help out.

And don’t even mention the cost since all you need is water and latex balloons.

Trang Lam is a contributing writer for Window City ( – one of the most dedicated manufacturers of windows and doors in Toronto. She loves collecting ideas for her dream home. She might not particularly have clever hands for DIY projects but her creative mind is always bubbling with inspiration.

And inspiration she just gave! Thanks so much, Trang! I’m so excited to get outside and start sprucing up my patio!

What about you? Do you have a patio? Or maybe a deck or a porch that you’d like to add some inviting touches to? Do share your plans, I’d love to hear about them!

OH! And by the way…Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone is having a great one!

88 thoughts on “The Top 10 Easy and Low-Cost Add-Ons for a Perfect Patio! – A Guest Post!

  1. Thanks for making my day! I’m dreaming of spring while looking out at this pile of snow and I love your pics, especially the teepee. Thanks for letting me know that spring will get here eventually!

  2. Love this post, especially since the sun is finally shining in Texas again! Looking at a lovely weekend in the 70’s….woot! We are in full patio planning mode…huge Tuscan inspired patio is going in within the next two months. We totally live outside as much as possible and your post hit on some great reminders of elements we want to incorporate in fun new ways like the music and fire. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend.

  3. I remember a few tents in your past. O.K., they were made in the living room with sheets and blankets. Ha Ha. But these are great ideas.

  4. I’m living in one of those places that is currently covered in snow. =) So patios and spring time are not quite on my mind yet! Lol! But these ideas are so creative and so CUTE! Love all of them. Wish I could do them all!

  5. Oh, this post makes me giddy with excitement of the anticipated warmer weather!! I love it all!! We are having a bohemian-themed party this summer with fire, music, food, spirits and how cool it would be to have the teepees! Just beautiful!

  6. I love the tent and the table with the built in cooler. I would want the tent for me and hubby would want the table for himself and the summer. I can see all the possibilities of that right now. 🙂

  7. Oh how fun would the tent have been for Valentines day in my living room! I do love the tent idea.. feeling like my dogs would love it too!! haha.. Will definitely be saving that for a summer trial, fingers crossed! My favorite is the swing.. I love a swing and a hammock! Every year I say we are getting one and another year goes by! This is the year of the swing n hammock. Nothing like just rocking away in a warm summer breeze and even in a cool autumn afternoon to daydream. We’re getting another 8-12″ tonight of the ‘white blanket’. This post comes at the best time.. I’m diving into spring and summer gardening books for a mental relief!

  8. I love that tent!! My son would love it too. I can’t even see my deck under the four feet of snow on it right now. Someday, though, it will be warm again. Then I can pretty it up!

  9. Omg the teepee! I must have one, I must! I also love the table with the built in cooler. I have a lot of gatherings on the patio by the pool & that would be awesome!

  10. Okay, I’m one of the ones seeing white right now when I look out the window. But I must say, this post did manage to take my mind off of the snow. I am SO ready for Spring! If for nothing else but all of the home projects I can do. I am in LOVE with that teepee! Now only if I can convince my husband… LOL!

  11. I really need to get my patio together this year. I’m already itching for some greenery. Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I’ll try to hack that great standing cooler.

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  13. The all ideas amazing to make our patio amazing . I am glad to having mice rattan patio furniture it gives a perfect style to my home . I like most is the wine table idea at garden . Go To Lloyds

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