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Most days are pretty busy for me, between the full-time job, the part-time jobs (I have two), the blogging, and trying to take care of a husband and a house. Oh, and then there are the days that include extra items, such as choir rehearsal and grocery shopping and family dinners. Let’s face it, we’re ALL pretty busy, aren’t we?

The only way I have found so far to keep the chaos of the day in an orderly format is a to-do list. It may be old-fashioned, but it works for me! Thought I’d talk a bit about that today!

Here’s my full-time job to-do list from yesterday:


It just so happened that I didn’t get nearly enough done at work yesterday. (Today is shaping up much more nicely, thank goodness!)

I always print the lists in black, because blue pens are my favorite to write with, and that way my additions to the list stand out from the black ink.

Towards the bottom of the list, you can see the items listed in purple – those are important daily things, I just needed to set them apart a bit from the other daily things, so I changed the font color. (And purple IS my favorite color, so…)

The green at the bottom is for things that happen towards the end of the week, but that I still need to keep in the forefront of my mind, no matter the day.

When I come into work in the morning, I clock in, check my emails and our social media outlets for anything pressing, and then I make my list. After that, I function directly from this for the rest of the day. If someone comes in and needs something else from me (which happens on a regular basis) I immediately write it down on the list. When I come in the next morning, I pick up this same list, cross off anything that was done that I hadn’t already notated (I LOVE crossing things off a list!!!) and make the new list, keeping the things on there that I still need to accomplish, and adding tasks the new day has brought.

Why it works for me:

  • It’s simple and easy to maintain. Nothing special.
  • It gives me the ability to physically cross things off the list. LOVE that!
  • It keeps me on task and helps me focus

Oh, but there’s more. I have another one!

Here’s my regular to-do list from yesterday:



Oh yes, that’s TWO pages you see. (One reason for that is that I still haven’t figured out my planner/agenda/calendar situation – feeling VERY unorganized – and so I’m jotting lots of things down on this list that I would normally have on my calendar!

Again, I didn’t get nearly as much done yesterday as I wanted to…but it’s okay. That tends to happen on Mondays. Tuesdays are always my friend! And the same deal with the black ink and blue ink here.

On this list I have my daily things right at the top, so I don’t forget them, and then the things I’m working on come after that. At the bottom I’m trying to remind myself what my assigned items are for my mom’s birthday luncheon later this week! (Again with the no planner!) It would probably be helpful if I placed everything into categories…I just thought of that! Ha!

So, believe it or not, the classic to-do list actually helps me. What works for you?

11 thoughts on “The To-Do List

  1. I am back to making lists because it helps me sleep better at night! I have a really good memory and I just keep replaying things in my mind if I don’t write them down. Thanks for sharing your process. 🙂

    • Yes, sleeping better at night, a list helps me, too! I actually keep a notepad by the bed – sometimes I have a hard time going to sleep because I can’t shut my brain down. It thinks of everything I have to do! So if I write it down, then I know I won’t forget, and I can sleep 🙂

  2. I’m currently using a Google app for my To-Do List, and a Fly Lady app for my daily household stuff. It’s been working ok, but my follow-through needs some work! Just blogged about some of this yesterday, and in fact I am doing a whole week about preparation (cause I need it!). Thanks for sharing!

  3. After I write my to do lists I go a step further, numbering the first 5-10 things. Then I complete them in order no matter what. (Or at least that’s the goal!). There’s so much busyness that invades my life. I need to focus on the important things, not just the urgent.

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