The Space Savers Encyclopedia!

So, we’ve now lived in our house for almost two-and-a-half years, and I noticed something the other day: we’re starting to accumulate STUFF.

Now…I HATE stuff. There’s no point in just having STUFF. And it really bothers me when I look around the house and I just see STUFF.

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So I’ve been working on eliminating some of our stuff. Some has gone to friends or family who are in need of it. Some has gone to the consignment store or a yard sale site where we can get a little money for it. Some has been digitized and shredded. And some has just plain been thrown away. 

I’m feeling a lot better about things in this regard lately, but, allow me to point this out: there’s a difference between having STUFF and having things that just need some good organizing. I mean, you really shouldn’t get rid of all of your socks because your sock drawer is cluttered. Your feet might get cold at some point. You just need to save a little space and do a little organizing.

So when Georgia from Storage World contacted me to see if I was interested in her Space Savers Encyclopedia infographic, I wasn’t quite sure what a Space Savers Encyclopedia was! But as soon as I saw it, I knew it was exactly what I needed…and probably what some of you need, too!



The Space Savers Encyclopedia by Storage World.

What FANTASTIC space-saving ideas! Thanks so much, Georgia! Removing clutter can save 40% of time on housework, saving as much as 1.7 years over a person’s lifetime?! I think I need to go get rid of some more stuff…

What did you like most about the infographic? Do you have any areas in your home that need to be re-arranged to make better use of space?

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19 thoughts on “The Space Savers Encyclopedia!

  1. I have been doing the same thing this year. I have posted how I simplified my wardrobe. It’s freeing to get rid of the “things” which we don’t need. Love these new ideas! Thanks.

  2. I have been trying to declutter our home. It’s hard because every time I throw something away someone drags it back out.

  3. Those are great space saving ideas. I love all of the great ways to use the stairs. We just recently did a big remodel and we packed stuff up and placed them in bins and stored it away for over 4 months. We are in the process of putting it all back and I don’t want it all back LOL. I told my husband if we have not had to use it in almost 5 months, we don’t need to keep it.

  4. I love those drawers for stair steps, that would be such a great way to store things – or hide things from your kids! I am currently finally getting settled into the home we moved into in November so this is great. I too hate clutter.

  5. ha, the flowcharts gave me instant nightmares of computer programming classes back in the day. Way back in the day. 😉 I”m all for space saving though!

  6. This is the whole reason I’m SO excited to move at the end of August. I’m packing, tossing junk and getting rid of clutter. I can’t stand all the clutter.

  7. Really an informative and useful post indeed! I do need to de-clutter my home. I really like the staircase drawer idea. Your tips are very helpful to me & I am going to try them all. Thanks for sharing.

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