The Right Paint Color for Every Room – According to Color Theory!

One of the things on my “do these things before the twins arrive” list was to finally PAINT. 

When we moved into our home in 2013, it had all been painted a lovely neutral beige, with all the trims and moldings a nice complimentary white. No worries, we said. We’ll paint as we decorate!

Well…yeah. The outside of the house had been painted, the nursery inside the house had been painted, and that was it. Because you know what happened after that?


The twins arrived. A month and a half EARLY.

I’m not joking when I say I had paint samples taped to walls in all the rooms of our house for MONTHS. They’re literally gone now because I started having to dust them – I’m totally for real!

And are the rest of the walls painted yet? Um…nope. I figured I needed a little kick in the behind. And this might just do it! Check it out – the perfect painting resource from the folks at Home Advisor!

The Right Paint Color for Every Room

What is absolutely nuts is the fact that our Master Bedroom will be painted some shade of blue, and our kitchen will be painted some shade of gray! Hey, I’m not too far off the design curve! 

What about you? What colors have you painted the walls in your home?

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20 thoughts on “The Right Paint Color for Every Room – According to Color Theory!

  1. I have never thought about the effects of color in my mood at home, I just pick a color that I think would be nice for a specific room and that’s it. It would be nice to color according to its purpose though. This is insightful!

  2. LOL my bedroom is THAT BLUE color! And I LOVE it – it’s got a touch of green to it, very oceanlike and so tranquil. Guess I nailed that one!

  3. I think it is so interesting that Home Advisor has gotten so specific with what color they believe each room in a home should be! I do understand that there is a psychology to color but I’m not sure that we should all have the same colors in specific rooms.

  4. really good information that you shared above! my birth stone is amethyst or purply/violet colour and i wanted it to my room one day now i know the meaning of it and some colours that iwanted. wish i can paint my room now if we’re not renting

  5. That’s interesting that they said grey for the kitchen. I had always thought yellow was the color of choice since it has a way to brighten your day! My old kitchen was yellow for this very reason. Now we live in a log cabin and well, I can’t paint a single thing lol

  6. This is really cool! We’re moving to a new house soon and doing quite a bit of repainting, The rooms will be gray and lavender, the living room and dining room blue, the utility room is dark blue, and the bathrooms are grayish-cream. These are great things to think about!

  7. I had no idea certain colors invoked certain feelings and stimulations. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for when we purchase our first home. I’m tired of living with bland white walls in all of our rentals.

  8. Painting a room or a single wall in your home is a simple DIY that promises to have a major impact in any space. When it comes to taking on a home renovation project, doing your due diligence is a must. From sampling chips to evaluating natural light, there are a number of essential dos and don’ts you should consider before you even walk into a paint shop. #Just share 🙂

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