The Repair or Replace Dilemma

The other day, I walked out to the washing machine to move the clean load of laundry over to the dryer, and I almost hit the ground (after my foot found a nice puddle of water). I was instantly on the hunt for where the water came from. Once I discovered it had come from the bottom of the washer, I then looked up and realized that the washer hadn’t even finished it’s cycle, and was reading ERROR across the screen.

Well, that’s just uncalled for.

You know the cycle your mind goes through! “Oh my word, the washer’s broke. How old is this thing?! It shouldn’t be broke now, should it? I need to find the manual, I guess. I think I’ll wait until J gets home – he can look at it. But all the laundry I have to do! Who fixes these things? Oh my gosh, what if we have to buy a new one?! This is the last thing I wanted to spend money on right now! Might as well replace both the washer and the dryer so they match! UGH!!! How much is this gonna cost?!”

If you’re like me, all those thoughts run through your mind in about 10 seconds. Lucky for me, crisis averted when I realized the issue was part of the comforter I was washing had gotten stuck in the door. Ah ha! All fixed, all back to normal.

However, it’s not always such an easy fix, is it? Eventually, you’re gonna be left with the decision: do I get this repaired or just totally replace it?

appliance-repair_5-17_FINAL - Copy

Thankfully Matt from Unique Indoor Comfort has come to our rescue with a really fabulous infographic on just that! What I REALLY LOVE about this one is that he’s identified what to search for ON YOU TUBE when you’re stumped! That’s nothing less than amazing! See for yourself…


Isn’t that helpful? I’ve gotta admit, I YouTube things quite often, but I love knowing exactly what to search for! And I love the other ideas to avoid calling a pro, as well!

Do you have any shaky appliances you can use this infographic on?

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13 thoughts on “The Repair or Replace Dilemma

  1. The infographic is really great and really helpful! I’m more the fixer in the family so this was great to see. I sometimes need to think about things (especially if things are under warranty) before i touch!

  2. I really appreciate all these house hacks. It’s important to know your appliances and to learn when you need to replace them and when you can simply have them repaired.

  3. Ugh, this is really a dilemma. You choose between spending little on repairs or add up for a new one. The struggle is real.

  4. I always look to see if the problem is a simple fix i can do myself first. I love these info graphics. I will have to bookmark this page.

  5. I had a water heater that would leave me puddles of water in my kitchen once upon a time. def. no fun at all. Appreciate the inforgraphic!

  6. Very useful infographic. We’ve had to replace three washers in 5 years lol During the winter I went to start the washer, and it wouldn’t turn on. Next time I will know what to type into the search bar.

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