The Quest for Good Lighting

So I have ONE MORE THING to accomplish before I’m finally done with the redo of our Master Bedroom. And what might that one thing be? Lamps. I’m on the hunt for lamps.

As it happens, I also jumped into a living room redo (spurred on by my husband’s purchase of a new couch) and I’m on the lookout for lamps for THAT room, too! (I may or may not be a glutton for punishment…)

So I’ve been poking around a bit. As it happens, yellow is an accent color in both rooms…so I almost thought of getting the same lamps for both rooms…but then I decided I would get bored with that pretty quickly. SO, I thought maybe I would go with SUPER eclectic lighting to up the excitement factor.

Whatcha think?

They’re each a tad bit different than anything we have in the house right now, which is kind of what I’m going for. 

So, what would YOU do? Here are my colors:

Living room…




What kind of lamps would YOU add in? Or would you do light fixtures instead?

I myself tend to be more of a lamp person, just for the “cozy” factor. I feel that a room’s lighting with lamps always seems cozier and more comfy than a room lit with fixtures. And if the lamps are yellow…well, I bet that would make the light even warmer!

Maybe I should go with a neutral colored lamp…like white or silver. I’m having the hardest time with this!

Help me out, folks! Whadya say?

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16 thoughts on “The Quest for Good Lighting

  1. Speaking of good lighting!! I was just trying to do something this moring and I just couldn’t get enough light in the spot I was doing it in. I need to get myself some new lamps or something in this house.

  2. I’m with you, lamps create a cozy effect which I love. I have lamps all around my bedroom too. I like the second lamp, especially the shade. The yellow lamp with 3 legs is adorable and might be a cute reading lamp in the living room. Love the colors. Have fun!

  3. Good lighting is something that we’ve struggled with since moving into our home. As much as I love yellow, my favorite is the second neutral lamp you have pictured.

  4. Sounds like you have a better plan for your master bedroom makeover. The lights looks awesome & the color choices are so great as well, particularity I love how yellow goes well with other colors easily.

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