The Place in Which I Work

Do you ever wonder about the blogger as you read a blog post? For instance, do you ever wonder where I am when I’m working on this blog, or what my workspace might look like? I wonder those kinds of things all the time, and one of my favorite types of posts is a blogger sharing their home or workplace! I really enjoy seeing them in their element!

Well, Emma from WeWork contacted me last week and asked me to share a bit about my workspace! (WeWork is a co-working company with tons of resources for small businesses! Being the owner of a small business, I can appreciate that they offer everything from access to investors and conference rooms to production suites and lounges. If you don’t have a home office, or even if you do, and you need something more advanced…WeWork is for you! What an innovation!)

Funny, as much as I enjoy seeing that kind of thing from other bloggers, it never entered my mind to do it for my readers myself! So I took Emma up on her suggestion – may I present to you all, my home office…


You’ll probably notice one particular thing right off the bat: we like Coke. Actually, it’s my husband who likes Coke and collects the Coke stuff – I just thought a neat place for us to display all of it was in the office! And since my photography business stuff is all black and white, the red goes with it nicely!

On the left…


…you’ll see the music area of the office. Both my hubby and I sing, and the stacks of CD’s (and yes, even cassette tapes) you see are soundtracks. So many soundtracks.


We use the keyboard to pick out parts for songs we’re working on, and if I’m feeling stressed, I can normally be found just sitting at the keyboard, playing and singing.

Naturally, since we’re in here often, Taffy the white doggy is, too.


In fact, she’s in this bed behind me right now as I’m finishing this post! She refuses to go to bed (in her actual bed in our bedroom) until I go to bed, so many an evening she spends curled up right here!

The wall above the keyboard is totally empty right now – I plan on adding some display shelves and putting some Coke memorabilia interspersed with some of my photographs there soon, but for now, these have a prominent space in the office, for sure!


And here’s where I’m typing to you from right now!


Well, right HERE, to be exact!


Always with something to drink (on a Coke coaster, of course!) a photo from our wedding day, the lovely MacBook that has really taken a beating (sooner rather than later, there will be a brand new iMac on the desk!), my inboxes and the phone for easy access. (When I’m really hard at work, this scene would include my iPad playing something riveting on Netflix!)

My inboxes are a huge part of my organization in the office.


And look, the top one is EMPTY!!! That means that, when I took this photo, I didn’t have any projects that needed working on immediately. The ones you see in the bottom are on-going, or I’m waiting on a collaborator to respond on. LOVE seeing that top tray empty!

Another great organization tool is…


Since our desk doesn’t have any storage space, ta-dah!

The jars on the left are full of receipts. We itemize our taxes, and when you have two adults who file jointly, and one of them has two jobs and the other one has three…well. You need all the jars you can get!

The bins hold all things office supplies.

Something I need to fix is this:


Probably a fire hazard waiting to happen. I have several solutions in mind, I just haven’t gotten around to actually taking care of the situation yet.

And something else…


Everything looks kind of mis-matched from this angle, right? We don’t have many books left, but we have a few that are special – signed copies, or full of notes, or ones that have been passed down through the family. And then there’s the filing cabinet: top drawer is my hubby’s, middle is the household files and bottom is mine. The plan is to replace both pieces with a wide filing cabinet that will sit flush against the wall. This one sits out a bit too far, which isn’t preferable, but it’s a good cabinet and it’s what we had, and we believe that, if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! (Or don’t buy something else that you don’t need until you’ve sold the one you want to replace, ha!)

I DO have to point out that the framed print above the filing cabinet is the paperwork on the star my hubby had named for me when we first started dating. It doesn’t match too well, but I wanted it out all the same!

But one of the most fantastic things about our office is right here:


What a closet! Full of photo props and equipment, more office supplies and products to review! It’s fairly organized, but it’s still nice to be able to close the doors, right?

In fact, the entire office stays just about this clean most of the time (I work best in cleanliness and order) but sometimes not so much, and it’s nice to be able to close the door on the entire room if need be!

So that’s the office! Here are the things I’m wanting to add this year:


Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.22.28 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.25.03 AM


And I don’t think I have room for something like this, but I sure would LOVE to add it!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.27.26 AM

So there you have it! Do YOU have a home office? What does it look like?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

46 thoughts on “The Place in Which I Work

  1. I love seeing where you work and I’m a fellow (Diet) Coke lover! I sit at my kitchen table to work so your office looks very luxurious to me! I think we have matching cord piles, though! Hope you get the pieces you want to add to your office this year. They’re great!

  2. Wow, I love this!!! Especially the pictures of what you want- that’s a great way to manifest it into your life. As I type this, I am sitting at my dining room table. I don’t have an office yet but a desk in my living room that serves as my “office” until we move out of our apartment. The coca cola stuff reminded me of a date I once went on- the guy cooked me dinner and then offered me a coke in an old coke bottle. I hate pop but it was really nice to have actually! Thanks for the post 🙂

  3. Oooh, I love the stuff you are wanting to get for your office! They would look amazing and upscale in any home office. I wish mine looked half that good lol.

  4. great to see the “other side” of a blog post!!! my office is wherever I am with my macbook, just now I am in Spain, sitting in my living room. I do tend to move about a bit though!

  5. What a great office you have there. I sit on my laptop on my couch and really need a space like this to work from.

  6. I love how you shared your work space! And it’s so neat and tidy! I’m going to adopt the way you keep up with receipts!

    And is that a D80 Nikon box I see in the closet? That’s the camera I use and I love it.

    My husband has a nice home office (a converted bedroom), but my “office” is a corner of the great room! My “desk” is an old console table that I refurbished. I need lots more storage.

  7. I love my home office! I have some cute souvenirs from my travels in Germany on the main book shelf, a dressing table for my craft/nail art/etc projects. Plus some lovely canvas prints to brighten up the walls.

  8. Very clean office and yes, the coke stuff was one of the first things I saw! Those string of chords…oh my struggle with those, too. Love the music and all! BTW: you may not want to add that couch…may keep you from
    No office at my home, though.

  9. I enjoyed your Home Office tour. Late last year, Blogelina did a huge link up of bloggers and their ‘blogging space’ which was fun. Us ladies just love seeing other people’s places, don’t we!
    You are indeed well organized and neat!
    I wanted my daughter to go to Southeastern but she selected a school closer to home. Having been raised Holiness and attending Assembly of God for many years, I thought she would enjoy Southeastern.

  10. Love this.. I am in desperate desire of a new desk. I had the luxury of having a built in one at my old place and when I moved, never purchased one. Its been half a year now and I am typing this with my laptop on a chair 😉

  11. I turned my dinning room into my home office/craft room. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m hoping to get it done sometime before January 2015. But it might be later. My living room, kitchen, home office (dinning room) is all open concept, and right now that area looks like a black hole. So most nights/days I end up on the couch with my lap top.

  12. So tidy. I envy you the dual-purpose desk and the space. My office is smaller and my desk shares the space with my dressing area, my rollator, washing and ironing facilities and shelves behind a curtain. Best of all, my window looks out on a field with occasional horses right to the trees and the skyline.

  13. I love all the Coke memorabilia! My husband used to collect Coke décor as well, but we had to take down a lot of the more valuable and breakable stuff because of kids and cats. It’s neat to see yours all displayed!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the idea of those jars for receipts! I have all mine shoved in a file folder, but your idea is way cooler, I’m going to make that like yesterday! Very cool office space you have there!

  15. That is the exact desk set I have picked out for when I get my Mac! Right now I use a laptop that is connected to two monitors to make writing for a living so much easier. Your office is nice and relaxing. Very well organized. My office is a chaotic mess because even though hubs has his office out in the pole barn, his clothes are all in here in this closet. Only, he doesn’t put them in the closet. Apparently thats what the printer is for. 😉

  16. I love your little space! It all looks so neat & organized. I only get a small desk & a Thirty-One bag in the dining room, LOL.

  17. I think we all need a space to just be….creative, meditative, reading, thinking, etc. What a nicely done space…very inspirational.

  18. The Coke memorabilia was the first thing I noticed. 🙂 My SIL collects it and loves it too. Your office looks like a great place to get productive. 🙂

  19. I so wish I had a space for a home office! Everything looks so neat and organized. I love the furniture too. My husband has to built me an office in our basement yet.

  20. I have a little corner in the living room as my space. I hate it! I used to have an office but we moved to a smaller house. The beach is now 10 minutes away, so I guess I’ll deal with the smaller space.

  21. Great and neat workspace !! Love your Wishlist too. Everywhere in my home is pretty much my workspace 😛 . I have a large table and more storage space in my wishlist so that I can have dedicated work place but it is in my wishlist. 😉

  22. I couldnt help but giggle. Your office looks so clean and a place Id probably get a ton of work done. I am usually smack in the middle of my kitchen as Im helping with homework, putting away dishes or making dinner. Id love a place where I could escape and think.

  23. My “office” is a desk in my bedroom–a large desk that wraps around a bit. I do need a different chair! No showing this mess off!! You do have a nice workspace.

  24. My home office is a desk in our guest room – and it is nowhere near as clean as your space. It’s a work in progress. Your office looks so fantastic!

  25. That is quite a nice place you have there as the work place. I don’t have a set place at my home for working, usually I work where my laptop is. My printer and fax are in my hubby’s office room. But I would really like to have a space of my own for writing..May be soon..:)

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