The Perfect Garden for the Perfect Summer!

It’s finally that time again! The winter coats are packed away, the washing is hanging up outside and the men of the world are taking their rightful place at the barbecue. Yes, it’s summertime! Now that the season of ‘Taps Aff’ weather (a very scientific way of measuring warm weather) is upon us, it is the perfect time to create a beautiful summer yard for all of the family to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a new theme or perhaps your grass just needs sprucing up, it’s important to have your garden exactly how you want it. 

Here are some fantastic ideas to bring it all together!

Bifold Doors to Bring Together Home and Garden


One of the best ways to make the most of your yard in summer is with Origin  bi fold doors, such as those sold by Ekco. Unlike traditional patio doors, bi-fold doors fold all the way in thereby opening up your home and giving you unparalleled views of your garden. Not only do they look stunning, bi-fold doors have a low threshold which removes the barrier between indoors and outdoors essentially creating one huge living space for you to enjoy in summer. Bi-folds give a wonderful sense of space and light and allow you to keep your home cool in summer.

Decking to Add Style

Portland Oregon Custom Home built by Quail Homes of Vancouver Washington

A decking or barbeque area can make all the difference to your yard. Decking adds a modern and stylish touch to your garden and gives you an area in which to enjoy those summer days and nights. Popular amongst homeowners, decking is low maintenance, yet adds a contemporary style to your garden. A decking area is ideal in summer; you can enjoy barbecues with family or simply relax and read a good book. 

Summerhouses to Take Your Garden to the Next Level


If you want to go the extra mile and upgrade your yard from bland to bold, you should consider investing in a summerhouse. Before you start worrying about planning permission, noisy builders and disruption to your daily life, all of these inconveniences can be avoided with the SpaceKube. Constructed off site, the SpaceKube can be placed in your garden with ease. Not only does this add value to your home, a summerhouse gives you a unique area of your garden to enjoy and tailor to your needs. Perhaps you want to add a gym, or maybe a chill-out area to relax in on those long summer nights. You can continue to enjoy your SpaceKube throughout the year, no matter what the weather.

Choose a Theme

If you’ve got green fingers, you no doubt understand the difference a theme can make to your yard. Whilst some people are happy as long as the grass is cut, many people are looking to take the garden to the next level with a theme.  Themes bring everything together and really upgrade your yard from bog standard to magazine worthy! Just like fashion or home design, there are on trend themes you may wish to consider for your garden. The Telegraph cites oriental, contemporary and Mediterranean as the key garden themes of this year. A Japanese garden, for example, focuses on simple landscaping, with the aim of creating a yard which is beautiful and peaceful.  To create an oriental style garden, you could plant a Japanese cherry tree or smaller Japanese flowers. Black garden furniture and lanterns add to an oriental theme, creating a beautiful space to relax in summer.  A contemporary garden is minimalistic and simple. To achieve a contemporary garden theme, keep simple plants and flowers and neutral colored garden furniture. A Mediterranean style garden is classic, with vibrant and rich colors taking center stage. Red, orange and bright pink plants and flowers bring a Mediterranean garden to life and paired with relaxed garden furniture, you can enjoy lazy summer nights in your garden.

Finishing Touches to Bring Everything Together

Finishing touches bring your whole yard together and can really make a difference when creating the perfect summer garden. If your grass is looking a bit sorry for itself after years of kids running over it, you may wish to consider artificial grass. With artificial grass you can relax in the knowledge you will never have to bring out the dreaded lawnmower again and can enjoy your yard instead of spending hours maintaining it! Adding some potted plants or planting some flowers can make a huge difference to your garden. Similarly patio furniture gives you and your family an area to relax in during the summer months. Often yards are overlooked but a little attention goes a long way and you certainly won’t regret it when you’re sitting in your perfect garden enjoying the glorious  summer weather!

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Garden for the Perfect Summer!

  1. I live in the middle of the woods and love to open the doors and windows in the spring and fall. Summer is a bit hot in Florida to pull that off – but I love the idea of those bi-fold doors! Those would be perfect on our back deck.

  2. I like these ideas. Our garden back in my grandma house is a modern theme. I love everything in that garden especially the blooming flowers.

  3. I only wish we could do all the things you described! That would be great! For now, though, I would be happy to have small sun and shade flower gardens on either side of our front entry. One side of the house gets the morning sun, while the other side stays in shade most of the day, only getting late afternoon sun for a short time.

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