The Patriotic Holiday Shelf

First of all, Happy Memorial Day, all! For those who gave their lives, we are forever grateful. There is no way we could ever repay your sacrifice – so we do our best to live to make you proud. Thank you.

Second of all, fitting for today, it’s time for this year’s Patriotic Holiday Shelf!

I normally decorate the holiday shelf in a patriotic theme in time for Memorial Day, and leave it up through July 4. (That still leaves a little bit of a gap in between my Easter shelf and Memorial Day…but I haven’t quite figured out what to do with that yet!) So this year I kinda did an Easter/Spring shelf and it worked a little better. (Check it out HERE in case you missed it!)

But for now, here’s last year’s Patriotic Holiday Shelf (CLICK HERE!) and now…

This year’s!



I normally decorate with apples more in the Fall, but I think these added a nice pop!


Along with some blue glass and red and white baker’s twine, of course! And I had to make sure the flag got in there, too!


All of these lovely items just make me think of summer!


And you know we’re big Coke fans at our house – this is an aluminum bottle that we snagged from Texas de Brazil when we were there for my hubby’s birthday. (There’s a twin bottle in our Coke-themed office!)


Here’s the token bling – you knew I couldn’t leave the bling out, right? And it makes me think of fireworks!


I made this lil’ banner after I saw the idea for using the striped straws…somewhere. I wish I could remember where I saw it so I could give you a link!


And of course, I had to throw this up on the door to tie it all together!


So there you have it:


Whatcha think? Does it scream “patriotic”? How do YOU decorate for the summer?

61 thoughts on “The Patriotic Holiday Shelf

  1. To have a shelf to decorate for holidays is such a great idea! And you are doing an awesome job to decorate whatever holiday comes along.

  2. Looks like a great way to bring in the holiday season that celebrate the US. My gramma decorates for different holidays and seasons… I don’t usually (except Christmas and Halloween).

    • See, Halloween is the one I can’t quite get into. Maybe because it’s not “pretty”. But last year there was so much apple green and purple and black sparkly things for Halloween…maybe I’ll get into it this year πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice and very patriotic. I usually combine spring and summer together and decorate my living room and outside door with appropriate colors, flowers, candles and arrangements. Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate, though. I just love how those colors pop and how they make me feel.

  4. Nice Patriotic shelf, Kristen. I always enjoy your seasonal shelf post. We had an extra long weekend which was wonderful and makes the week seem shorter. I always call a friend and thank him for serving which I did on Memorial Day. He is 91 years young, served in WWII.

  5. But of course you’ll have a Patriotic Shelf! Love the patriotic/ flag balls, they’re great and have a little bit of a rustic touch! The vase and flowers ad a touch of outdoors to the arrangement too, love adding a touch of the outdoors inside. I don’t think I have ever decorated for Memorial Day, but recent family facebook posts make me think photos of my older relatives who have served on a ‘memorial’ shelf may be appropriate for all year. Keep up the great dΓ©cor ideas!!! I always look forward to your creative inspiration πŸ™‚

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