The NEW and IMPROVED Holiday Shelf!

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know about my Holiday Shelf. If you don’t CLICK HERE and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

When we moved, I didn’t know where I would put the Holiday Shelf, and the more I looked around, I couldn’t find the perfect spot for it. Ask my husband, I walked around one day with the dadgum shelf and mirror for about an hour, having him hold it up in various spots and me making faces at it…I believe his words were, “Okay, I’m TIRED of this dang shelf!”

I even thought about making up here the Holiday Shelf:


This is a lovely ledge in our living room (I haven’t solidified the decor up there yet) that I thought I might use…until I put just those few things up there…and it took me about 30 minutes, up and down a ladder constantly. I thought better of that.

It finally dawned on me that the problem was NOT the location for the shelf…but the shelf itself.

So…I bought a new one. HA!

But I really loved the “look” of having a mirror above the shelf…and of course, the old mirror wouldn’t work with the new shelf. So…I was on the hunt for a mirror.

On our anniversary at the beginning of this month, we stopped at my hubby’s grandparent’s house on our way out to take him his birthday gift. Poppa’s birthday is also our anniversary! (On our wedding day, we stopped all the festivities in the middle of the reception and sang him “Happy Birthday” and he LOVED it! It was really a special time!)

Anyways, we stayed and visited with them for a little bit, and suddenly Nannie looked and me and said, “OH! Your mirror!”

Nannie had this really pretty gold-plated mirror – a full-length one. She had a silver one that matched it that she was using already, but she just hadn’t found the place for this one, and she wanted to know if I wanted it for the new house.

OH YES! My wheels started turning when I saw it, because it was almost exactly the same length as my new Holiday Shelf! PERFECT!!!

When we got it home, of course, I spray painted it (I wonder if there’s a group for spray-painters anonymous…I might need some info on that…) to match the shelf. We have this beautiful white decorative crown molding around the front door, and beautiful molded white baseboards, too, so in the foyer (where I decided I wanted to place the Holiday Shelf) I knew white would work perfectly. Plus, there’s a…well, I’m not sure what to call it…I’ll call it a “half-wall” that separates the foyer from the dining room, and the top finish on it is a beautiful white, too. Plus…I bought a white shelf.

So, enough of the droning on, here we go. Here’s what the Holiday Shelf looked like before…


…and here is the NEW and IMPROVED Holiday Shelf!


Whatcha think?!


These lovelies came from Hobby Lobby.


I think I talk about how I made the bunting here in the other post I did on this Spring Shelf, so check it out HERE.


Two of my pretty little Willow Tree figures (I have SO many of these now, it’s wonderful!)


The link for this printable is in the original Spring Shelf blog post, too, so check it out HERE.

Definitely have lots more room on the Holiday Shelf now, which makes me happy 🙂 This weekend I’ll decorate it in time for Memorial Day, and then probably leave it all patriotic until July 4.

Memorial Day? 4th of July? Where in the world has 2013 gone?!?!

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