The Modern Essentials of Inner City Living

Most any regular reader of this blog knows that I live in a rural suburb, on just over an acre of land, with chickens as neighbors on the right and cows as neighbors on the left. While our home is only about 10 years old (and is pretty durn modern as far as I’m concerned) someone who lives in the city may think that we’re just a family of rednecks! HA! However, as this blog is about all forms of domestication, and the roads that lead us there, I thought it might be neat to look at the opposite of me – those who live in cities! Our lists of essentials are sure to be different, right?

Living in the inner city is considered glamourous by many, and the proximity to shops and entertainment is definitely a huge bonus to inner city residents. Many people actually choose to move closer to the city for the nightlife, the opportunities for socialisation and the low travel costs associated with public transport and short taxi rides.

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There are essentials that come with a different set of scenery to the suburbs, and they aren’t always what you’d expect. With more people comes more security risks, and more chances for someone to break into your home or take things that are yours, so security concerns are definitely at the top of this list.

With that said, people don’t consider things like a local cafe as being essential. However, once you spend some time living in the city, you’ll find that you soon develop a local haunt. For the rest of these essentials, read on through our extensive list and prepare to be prepared for inner city living.

Security Doors

Security, as previously mentioned, is the key in the inner city. More people living around your home, and more people coming from less safe areas to be in direct contact with your home make it a less secure environment to live it, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to live, but it does mean that you can’t get away with a standard set of home security parameters.

The main defence against a less safe neighbourhood is a good security door on every entrance to the house, because it stops people from being able to knock on your door and push their way in the second you open it up. Crimsafe security doors are high quality and reliable, and like the best leading brands of security doors, they are also stab proof, making them the ideal choice for your inner city home.

Window Locks

Windows are another security weak point in any home, but much like the front and back doors, they provide an opportunity to more people in the city. A lot of windows have flyscreen on them which works to dissuade anyone from trying to get in through them, but this flyscreen often just pops off the window and exposes an unlocked entryway.

Having locks fitted to your window by a locksmith is the next logical step to bumping up the security in your home and reducing the number of potential points of entry a person could have to your home. Many insurance companies require you to have locks on your windows before they’ll offer you home and contents insurance, so you know they are effective at preventing break-ins.


Push Bikes are great for inner city life, because many people don’t own cars when everything is so close. Public transport can be unreliable at the best of times, and taxis are often too expensive to justify for short trips around the corner to the store, so the next logical step is a cheap, effective vehicle.

In comes the bike, as many bikes have a cargo area that can carry groceries. Plus, all of them run without fuel, meaning that they are the cheapest and most effective form of inner city transport you could ever need. There are different levels of quality in bikes, however, your preference is really all that matters. So, get what you can afford and learn how to change a tire and you’ll be right in no time.

Herb Garden

Even with a bike, riding around the corner to the supermarket can take a while, and if it’s raining or cold you won’t want to go down there just to get some finishing touches for a dinner you’re cooking. In comes the herb garden; a wonderful idea for an inner city resident.

A herb garden requires very little space and very little care, but provides you with all the herbs you’d need on a regular basis with none of the travel to get to them. Basil, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves and more can be grown in small pots inside, or if you have a balcony, one big pot outside, and for minimal effort you get tasty, fresh herbs that you know are grown without pesticides or any kind of growth enhancers.

Local Cafe

Finally, it could seem like an unimportant addition, but the local cafe is a want and a need rolled into one. Having a place to go for coffee is important and required, as weekends and early morning starts are always made better with good coffee and a quick bite to eat.

A local haunt will learn your face, your name, and your order in a short amount of time, and before you know it you’ll have a new group of friends and a comfortable place away from home to hang out.

With these essentials taken care of, you new home will feel familiar and warm in no time, leaving you free to explore the nightlife and sights of the city with a warm, cozy place to come back to afterwards. 

The funny thing is? Many of the above essentials were also essential for my family when we moved to our rural home! So maybe things aren’t that different for city dwellers and country dwellers after all!

Do you live in the city? The country? What is your number one essential?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

9 thoughts on “The Modern Essentials of Inner City Living

  1. Always live in the country until about 10 years ago. We moved to the DC area suburbs and I consider it a city. I much prefer country life. I can’t stand the noise, traffic, or crowds that cities come with. I do like the conveniences though so it’s not all bad.

  2. We live in the suburbs and there are so many parts of downtown living I miss. But I do like having the space!

  3. We are a rural city family. An hour away from Toronto but our city has 100,000 people but very spread out. My biggest essential is a grocery store close by

  4. I live right downtown in a major city and having an app to track public transit is one of my essentials. Good shoes that are both stylish and easy to walk in are also a must-have since walking is the fastest and healthiest way to get around.

  5. Taxis really can be so expensive even for short jaunts. I checked into one for my daughter at college recently and it was $45. I took the hour drive down and took her where she needed to go myself, lol!

  6. I just love your perspective about inner city living. I am the complete opposite of you and its always nice to see the grass on the other side. I always wonder if it would be right for us!

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