The Little Ledge that Lived

When we moved into our house over a year ago, I had big plans for the built-in ledge that’s in our living room.

“The ledge” is common with houses built about 10 years ago (our house is 11 years old) but I always liked them, and I thought I could be really creative with ours.

And then I decorated it ONCE. And I dragged the ladder back and forth and back and forth, climbing up and down and up and down, trying to get everything just right. (For those of you who have never seen me in person, I’m not tall. I’m only 5 feet 4 inches tall, to be exact.) Almost an hour later, I had had enough! And then, in a few months, I had to do it all over again when I had too pull stuff down and dust it! In another few months, I pulled it all down again to decorate it for fall, and then, just after that, AGAIN to decorate it for Christmas. And you know what happened after Christmas…I had to pull all THAT down again! It was getting to be kind of a pain.

So I left it bare. With nothing on it. For about 6 months.

But then, I had run into Hobby Lobby to get just one thing. (You know how that goes!) They had all their home decor on SALE for 80% off! 80%!!! I had to go check it out. And as I rounded the corner, the angels sang, and my eyes lit up as I saw a trio of decor items, priced at $8, $10 and $12, respectively. I bought – hook, line and sinker!

So then I had SOMETHING. Take a look!

Here is our living room:


Can I just say here that it’s funny what you notice when you take pictures of your house. Allow me to explain:


All of the above I noticed when I downloaded this picture to the computer, and wish I had “fixed” them before taking the photo…but we’re all friends here, right?

Anyways, you can see “the ledge” and the decor I’ve placed on it. Here’s a closer look.


I just think they’re really cool pieces, and they fit the room perfectly.

But I still have lots of ideas for the ledge. Take a look at these!


Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.06.33 PM

A greater variety of decor?

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.07.40 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.07.49 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.07.58 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.08.04 PM

Some interesting ideas, for sure! Do YOU have a favorite?

By the way, all of the above photos I located on Houzz – have you been there yet? Check it out! GREAT home decor ideas!

So what do you think? Is my little ledge complete? Or does it need something else?

For more great inspiration, check out the Be Awesome Party over at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, here:Β


92 thoughts on “The Little Ledge that Lived

  1. My house is old, but I always thought that ledge was a neat thing to have in a house. Friends of ours have it and they have photos of their kids up there.

    • I thought about photos! Ours is so high, I wasn’t sure if people would SEE the photos. Or maybe I’m just short LOL

  2. We are buying a split level ranch. As you walk in the front door their is about 5 steps up on the left to the main level, and one the right is about 5 steps down to the lower level. On the left wall there is a ledge and we were told it was for your shoes. I was like why would I put wet/ muddy/snowy /dirty shoes on a ledge? They were like there isn’t really any other place to put them. Im going to get a small little ottoman to stick in a corner and put a little door mat next to it to put shoes on, and im going to decorate the ledge – I just haven’t figured out with what yet!

  3. I think thats funny, how you pointed out things you noticed in the picture, It took a minute for me to find the “unremoved price tag” Cute picture as well. I also like the drape picture for the ledge, I think its something different!

    • HA! Funny what we notice about our own homes, right, Trista?! I like the drape, too…I just worry about dust!

  4. We don’t have a ledge in our house, my mom’s house has one and she keeps changing the dΓ©cor items on the ledge every now and then. I personally like it. And among the ideas that you have shared, I love the last one with the dry trees.

    • I know, that one was pretty cool! I thought about grabbing a bunch of branches and putting them up there after I saw that idea!

  5. Perfect ledge Kristen ! The items you have chose are in right colour for your room which coordinates with red colour of the lamp shades , pillows and the wall hanging. What I feel is , you are a wonderful photographer and why don’t you frame some of your pictures and put it in between those( a decor, a photo ,a big decor, a photo and the decor) ?

    • Now THAT’S an idea, Sahana! I hadn’t thought of adding photos into the current decor! Thank you!

    • I know, isn’t that gorgeous?! I’m so OCD, do you know what I noticed in that picture? How clean the grout was!!! LOL

  6. Our ledges are for the cats. They get not hem and knock everything off so I no longer keep anything else on them. They stay off tables though so it is okay as it balances out.

    • HA! That’s so funny! I think this one is too high for CoCo the black kitty. At least I HOPE it is LOL

  7. Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place to go! Clearance should be my middle name! You new pieces are perfect up there. Love your ‘things out of place’ picture, that is a hoot, yes we are all friends here πŸ™‚

    • I know, I promise you that it strikes fear into my husband’s heart when I say, “I’m gonna run by Hobby Lobby on my way home!” LOL

  8. I like yours but I also like the trees one that is really cool.We do not have a ledge like this in our house would be good if we did I have plenty I could put up there.

  9. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby close to me, they have such great sales! The items you have so far are great for that space. I love the look of the lanterns for some variety there.

    • I know it, I have some lanterns, too…but I have those in another spot. Always game for rearranging, though! πŸ™‚

  10. I can relate when hearing the angels sing in Hobby Lobby lol! I really like that idea of draping fabric on a shelf like that. I think I’ll use a high ledge in our living room now that I’ve been avoiding. Great ideas πŸ™‚

    • HA!!! I like the way the fabric looks, too! But I worry about dust! We have terrible allergies!

  11. You’re supposed to change the decorations on the ledge?! They need dusting?! Oh my! I must have decorated our ledge 10 years ago and haven’t thought about it since;0) uh oh!

    • HA!!! I wish I could be like you, Jayleen! Dang ledge has been bothering me for months LOL

  12. No ledges in my apartment. My cat would take them over if there were-just like she has taken over the hutch. She nicely either threw the items on the floor or pushed them back to make room for her stretched out self. She has also taken over one of the drawers in my bedroom–I close it–she opens it!

    • I think you are cost-and time-effective, Anna! I’ve spent lots of time working on this silly ledge LOL

  13. I love Houzz! And I love the way you decorated your ledge!

    I’m laughing at all the things you found “wrong” with your picture. I do the same thing, but I would have never noticed any of those things. I love how your cat pranced into the picture!

    • I’m learning to love Houzz more and more! And yes, CoCo the black kitty just goes wherever she pleases LOL

  14. Love 80% off sales too, I usually can’t help my self on a great sale and coupons to add to it. You got some great finds. personality I would use pictures on my shelf but that’s because I love taking pictures

    • I thought about pictures, seriously, for quite a while! But I wasn’t sure if people would be able to SEE them well enough. (I think of these things because I’m short and that ledge is high LOL)

  15. I love Hobby Lobby most of my rooms and closets have a least one decor item from them. I would be extremely dangerous at a Hobby Lobby 80% off sale!

  16. My fav would be the one with the candles and other dΓ©cor combo! It is funny what you spotted in the photo – I totally did not realize them until you pointed them out!

  17. Your ledge is so cool! I really like the pieces you have put on it, they are so different.

    I wouldn’t have noticed anything of the things you pointed out by the way πŸ˜‰ bar the photoboomer lol x

  18. I would love to have a ledge like that in my house. I like the lanterns and the photos on them the best, but I am sure whatever you chose will look fabulous!

    • I know, this is why I was so confused over what to do with it – too many options!!!

  19. Ooh I love the ledge with the photos – and the one with the lanterns too! Who knew a small ledge could be so cool!

    • I like the lanterns too, Annie! I just have some other lanterns already in the room, I thought maybe it might be overkill?

  20. I think you should go with framed pieces on the ledge. Instead of art however, maybe find framed architectural elements, framed rosettes or framed agate. I think the ledge is too high for actual art that has a subject matter that is meant to be viewed at eye level. You have a great start with the pieces you have there. Kudos to you for tackling the ledge πŸ™‚

    • “I think the ledge is too high for actual art that has a subject matter that is meant to be viewed at eye level.” MY THOUGHT EXACTLY! I love when an interior designer AGREES with me LOL I love your ideas, thank you!

  21. I like the two staircase photos, the first, curvy staircase being my favorite ledge. I like the items you bought for your ledge, very unique and great colors. I think it’d be fun to mix it up with some bigger items in the back like the curved staircase, and maybe have one of those items be a lantern. I’m a huge lantern fan. A big flowing plant would be cool. Although, I do like the idea of the fabric they had draped a bit on that one picture, it could be cool to bring something to that empty space under the ledge.

    • You know what, that’s a good observation, Rochelle! There IS an empty space below the ledge! Thank you!

  22. I like the stair ledges and the lanterns… I always love lanterns. The draping over the side added a nice touch of color and kind of brought the ledge into the room, very nice. πŸ™‚ Have fun with your ledge.

    Life With Lorelai

    • I love lanterns, too, I just already have some in the living room, so I thought it may be too many lanterns. Can you HAVE too many lanterns?! LOL

  23. I love what you placed on the ledge. It really does fit and they are interesting pieces. The picture is too funny and I like the cat photo bombing it, LOL

    I found Houzz awhile back and I used it to help with my recent major remodel. I love that site!

  24. We are buying our first home in August. I love all of the ideas I have to decorate it, but I figure I have plenty of time! LOL. Just moving in will be a feat.

  25. These ledges are pretty common in the Phoenix area – where a lot of development occurred in the last 15 or so years.

    • Yes, I’ve seen homes full of them there! The edges of the ledges are rounded, though, right?

  26. I absolutely love ledges! I wish I had them in my kitchen. But Omgeezies they are hard to dust! But then again, if they are high enough, no one notices.

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