The List Book…and a heads up for all my readers!

Some people might have a “To-Do” list. Yep, I have one of those. (Well, more than one, to be honest!) Those are located at my full-time job – my daily list, my lunch list, and my “do this on your way home or when you get home” list!

But I also have a List Book.

Early in life, I found that making a list of things helped me to organize my thoughts, and since I’ve always had lots of different activities going on, it helped me not to forget anything at the same time. As time went on, I ended up with not only a few more “projects” but also the need to condense everything together in some concise form.

Enter: The List Book! Now, no more pieces of paper floating all over creation!


I happen to LOVE Vera Bradley, hence the pretty pattern! And it’s not big – about the size of your average diary or journal.

So, what do I mean by a List Book?

It’s pretty simple: it’s full of lists. Lists such as…

  • People to Have Over for Dinner
  • Office Projects
  • Living Room Projects
  • Dining Room Projects (okay, every room of the house has a list, so you get the idea!)
  • Places to Go (for when me and my hubby both actually have a day off at the same time!)
  • Songs for CD (one day we plan on recording one!)
  • Dishes to Try
  • To Blog Of
  • Books to Read
  • Shows to Watch
  • Things to do in D.C. (our next vacation spot!)

I basically condensed down all the lists I had floating all around, and put them into one notebook! And that’s not all this helps me with…

Also in the List Book, I keep listings of all of my frequented websites, along with account numbers, usernames, passwords, things like that. Yes, they are color-coded (with MARKERS, for my friends who LOVE to pick on me for this aspect of my O.C.D., ha!): Pink is Personal, Green is Photography and Yellow is Clever Container.


Whoops, that picture had no yellow on it.


There we go!

It’s so easy to be able to grab this book and look up exactly what I need in a split second, or, when I get a brilliant idea, use it to make a brand new list!

And yes, sometimes things change. Lists get completed and websites expire, etc. That’s why, at the beginning of every year, a new List Book is purchased, and all the necessary information is transferred over!

Do you have something like the List Book that you use? If not, try this on for size in YOUR life! I promise you’ll feel more organized!

Oh, and the heads up…

Starting this next week, you won’t see a new post here 5 days a week like you normally do, except for on special occasions! You will, however, see me posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week.

Those of you who’ve been here with me on the blog for a while know that, not only do I work full time, but I also run my own business part time, and then I do this blog and try to keep my hubby happy and my house clean. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming (like recently) so in order to make sure I don’t lose my mind and am still able to bring you quality posts, I’ll be dropping down the number of times I post each week. For most weeks. You never know when I might pop in unexpectedly and put up a special post! So make sure you pay attention! I have some very exciting things I want to do here on the blog, and I want to make sure I have plenty of time to make them the best they can be!

I hope everyone has a simply fantastic weekend!

108 thoughts on “The List Book…and a heads up for all my readers!

  1. I LOVE your idea of a list book. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. I’ve got various notebooks with information scattered throughout each one. When I need to look something up, it takes me ages to go through it all. Funny thing is–I usually remember where it is situated on a page–top or bottom, left or right. Must try your method.

  2. A List book does sound like a great idea–especially for passwords etc. Of course that means I would have to actually remember to write in it! I totally understand going to 3 days a week posting instead of every day. I used to tweet out, g+ and enter on facebook every giveaway and book review plus any misc items I may have written–I have recently combined it everything in one post which I update daily–has saved me LOTS of time!! So I guess you could consider that kind of a list!

  3. Totally a good idea – I mean, it all starts when you make note of things right? instead of just thinking and wishing and not doing it – love this!

  4. List book?! What a great idea! I have scraps of paper all over the place. A list book would help reduce paper clutter.
    I have always been amazed with people who post everyday, adding two jobs to the mix must be overwhelming! I know it would be for me. Taking care of self is more important than Blogging everyday. I

  5. I think lists are one of my great joys in this life! My problem is I have so many cute notebooks – every time I see one I buy it and start using it as my list book. So basically I have about 20 List Books floating around…

  6. I, too, am a list person. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it. The color coding is great also! Do you ever make a list with things on it you have already done just so you can check those off first? 🙂 I will do that when I’m involved in a project, like packing to move!

  7. HOW do you post 5 times a week and work full-time, too? It sounds like posting 3x is a good plan for you! I love to make lists and this list book sounds like a great idea! The color coding is genius, as well! MY OCD is getting all excited here . . .

  8. My journal is my list book. Not neatly as organized as yours but it serves the same purpose. What I like to focus on is not so much what I have to do – but what I have done 🙂

  9. I have been keeping a book like this for a couple of years. Very helpful, I am always finding things I forgot I wrote in there!

  10. What a smart idea! I could really benefit from having a list book of my own. I have this pretty little book (much like the one you have here) I got from Hallmark some time ago. May be I should use it as my list book 🙂

  11. Love this! I have kind of the same thing on my ipod, though I’m not sure but what an actual book would be better. I still find myself sitting at the table with pen and paper when I need to organize and work things out.

  12. You might be the most organized person I know! I do love lists, but I almost never follow them. I do love writing things down in my dozen notebooks, but ask me where a certain bit of information is, and I’m clueless.

  13. I have loads of lists, I love lists as they keep me organised and I have tried in the past to gather them all into one book but it’s never quite worked. Now you have totally inspired me and I now have a new goal. Thanks.

  14. Wonderful idea! I am a list maker with lots of sheets of miscellaneous “crazy” paper everywhere… my back pocket, mostly. I MUST adopt this to not feel so crazy! I also like the ‘Clever Container’ and will be perusing that! Thanks!

  15. I carry a note book – not as pretty as yours and regular make lists of things. e.g. my To Do Today List, Shopping list, Idea’s and so on. Maybe I should have a “petty” book – in purple of course – my favourite colour.

  16. I love lists! I can’t function without them. I have three or four notebooks, post-it lists for food/meals and then I have apps on the phone and I use tasks on the calendar. Maybe I could condense it into one, pretty little book. That might be better for sure! I love the color coding- I go crazy with it too.

  17. YES! I used to have a ‘list ‘notebook, not as organized as yours, I also have a ‘task’ notebook at work with notes from meetings and ‘to do’s that don’t fit into the normal routine. I recently made a post it folder. I was finding post it’s everywhere with important numbers, info and I just taped them on a paper and stuck them all in a folder. One day I’ll put them in a neater format but for now my post it folder is a lifesaver!

  18. I love that you are taking a bit of a step back. I think we all have realized that we are over extending ourselves. I am so glad you will still be writing however! I myself am just going to write when my heart leads me too!

  19. This post has made me want to get more organized with my daily task. I sometimes feel like I have a lot of free time only to later on realize that I forgot to get important things done…So writing them down is probably the way to go.

  20. Somehow I followeed the bunny trail from my first link up and landed here–so glad I did! 🙂 As I’m in major need of a list book just to keep up with all the blogs I’d like to visit. 🙂 Loved yours. And love to be a part of that City on a Hill in this blog land with ya. : ) Thanks again!

  21. That’s such a great idea! I have a couple of Moleskine journals where I keep completed tasks and whats not together but I’ve never thought about having a book specifically for lists. I love your Vera Bradley book by the way! I believe I have that same pattern on a backpack. 🙂

  22. I do keep lists! I like having them to refer to when I need them and sometimes when I don’t know that I will need them.

    I learned many years ago, however, that I really dislike having to re-write things that should be easy to transfer to the next place that I intend to keep them. To that end, I have a planner cover that is used for this purpose. I know that they are easy to move because I consistently use the same size paper and make sure that the holes align properly before I start to move things.

    I use an alphabetic index and I also use color codes so that I can find what I need easily. I do like to introduce new paper designs, which still lends itself to the color code system.

    “W” is for Window Measurements. “L” is for linens and things. “H” Is for husband items. It all comes together and I have been doing this since I married in 1967.

  23. OH my! I was impressed with the list book, didn’t think I could do it but then you put me over the top with updating and transferring every year. Girl I still have the same phone book from over a decade ago… is messy and I hardly use it because I do memorize most things like that plus this memory knows where to look for a certain tidbit if I did have to open the relic due to my photographic memory. I think I need to consume more coffee before I ponder this anymore. Your blog announcement is a very sound one, you are a crazy busy lady and I am always amazed a what you accomplish good for you for standing back and reevaluating.

  24. A very organized way to make sure we don’t leave out anything else is very important for people in any different area of work. Thank you very much for sharing. I am also a visual one and I think your stile is awesome.

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