The Light Up Your Look Campaign from One King’s Lane!

So, I have a question: When you’re decorating your home, how do you begin? Do you see a room in a magazine and try to recreate it? Do you call your interior designer? Do you pick a favorite color and run with it? Or do you stumble upon some kind of piece you love and design the entire room around that piece?

Ever thought of combining how you decorate a room with how you style your wardrobe?

That thought never crossed my mind, until Emily from One Kings Lane  contacted me a proposed pairing my favorite statement piece of jewelry with an oh-so-fabulous chandelier.

The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became. And the more I thought that I could totally design an entire room around a fixture, with the inspiration of some jewelry! Here’s what I mean…


On the left you have the lovely Molly 4-Light Chandelier from One Kings Lane, matched with a beautiful piece I found from Petal Perceptions on Etsy.


And this shiny duo! On the left you have the Solaris Mini Chandelier in Polished Chrome from One Kings Lane, and I’ve paired it with that little bobble I found from Love Jewelry By J on Etsy.


And I LOVE this Bella 4-light Pendant in Gold from One Kings Lane paired with a beautiful gold coin necklace from Yellow Dog Jewels on Etsy.

I decided to see if I could put it into practice in my own home, and since I only have one chandelier, I took all my necklaces that matched it and tried to be inspired!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.38.10 PM

Not too bad, if I do say so myself!

So what do you think of using jewelry as an inspiration for lighting, or for decorating an entire room? Would it work for you?

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36 thoughts on “The Light Up Your Look Campaign from One King’s Lane!

  1. I look at the stuff on One Kings Lane all the time. I have never ordered anything, but one of these days I might…..

  2. Idea is good in theory. I could see myself climbing up on a chair. Hubby/BF: What are you doing? Me: oh you know, just getting a necklace to wear with tonite’s dress.

  3. Love the first necklace! I’ve never thought of doing this myself, I’ve heard of it being done before though, I usually just pick a color and try to match. But I’ve never had a home with a chandelier before either, or I probably would try it.

  4. I never think to look at magazines or go to websites when decorating. We just bought a new house and when I walked into it – I knew exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it. Now I am on the mission to find the items I need.

  5. Not jewelry, but I have definitely been inspired by one small item before. I can totally see where you inspiration came from in each example. Loving it!

  6. I would never think of using a favorite piece of jewelry to choose a piece of furniture or chandelier, but it makes sense. Fashion and interior design are alike in many ways.

  7. I like! I’ve often heard that you should decorate your home using your closet as inspiration. Colors that look good on you will also look good in your home.

    Looks like the same can be said about jewelry because I love all of your pairings. My dining room chandelier is a lot like the second one. I replaced my old one last year and I’m loving it.

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