The Household Handoff

Within the past year, we sold our former home and bought a new one. That’s a lot going on in one household, let me tell you! So when some of our friends shared with us that they were doing the same, it brought back lots of memories! It was a bit of a scary process, so I thought now might be a good time to speak to some of those things, in case what we experienced can be helpful to anyone else. 

The process of selling your home can prove a challenging one due to the inevitable complications and setbacks. Patience is key here, however, there are actions one can take to initiate and speed up the selling process of their home. Below, I’ve detailed a few fundamental principles that can heavily influence the rate at which your house will sell.


Property Styling

Property styling is a service many sellers may be unfamiliar with, however, this alone can heavily influence the selling rate of your home. Property Styling, or house staging, refers to the process of optimising the visual representation of your home in the hope that it will increase the asking price, as well as the rate at which it will sell.

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This is done by adjusting and implementing different lighting fixtures and furnishings and photographing them in the property to introduce a sense of elegance and glamour. For instance, house staging in Melbourne is now a multimillion dollar industry and is commonly practiced all around the world among those who long for a generous asking price and swift sale. This is for good reason, given the success rate of property styling over the last decade. Reports even display that property styling can not only double the rate at which your home will sell but, more often than not, attract more interest and with it, a higher asking price.

Utilising this practice when selling is definitely something worthwhile and will likely establish a swift selling process.

Choose An Active Local Agent

Finding a good local agent with years of experience and strong knowledge of properties similar to yours is a great start. This will make the entirety of the selling process much easier. Furthermore, if they have experience selling properties similar to yours, they will know who to target and an appealing but generous asking price.  

Ensuring you are ready to sell as soon as possible is another important thing to consider. Although this may sound obvious, there are many different components that go into being ‘ready to sell’ that you might not be aware of. A solicitor and mortgage advisors are two major influences in the selling process that will heavily influence the speed at which the home will sell. Having these different things organized and ready as soon as possible will ensure a smooth and swift selling process.

Communicate Regularly

Regular communication is key! If you’re proactive when talking to your agent, solicitors and mortgage advisors decisions will be made quicker and the entire process will run a whole lot smoother. Furthermore, issues have a habit of springing up and surprising you throughout the selling process. Therefore, getting into the habit of being highly responsive is helpful.

Regular communication is paramount if there is a question of concern about the house which could influence the buyer’s decision. If sellers communicate directly to sellers, or through a real estate agent, it will ensure questions are answered quickly and distinguish those interested from those interested in buying. Again, if an agent is hunting valuable information that you have readily on hand, it can boost the rate at which they can get things done and make their job easier.

As you can see, regular communication is helpful in many disciplines and ensuring simple things (like your phone being fully charged and fully functional so you don’t miss communications) is, again, important to be on top of.

All in all, it is clear there are different things sellers can do themselves in order to ensure a smoother and quicker selling process. As long as you follow the fundamentals of utilizing property styling, choosing an active local agent and getting into the habit of communicating regularly you will naturally speed up the selling process of your home.  

Have you ever sold a home? Any tips to share with all of us?

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7 thoughts on “The Household Handoff

  1. I’ve been looking for a house and just by the furniture and angle of picture it makes it hard to look past it to imagine yourself there. So property styling is important to a buyer.

  2. I’ve never owned a home but can’t wait until I do and can experience all of this first hand! How exciting!

  3. I agree that styling your home is so important before you sell it to maximize the amount you receive. I found it a huge challenge to keep my home looking “magazine pretty” and clean while it was for sale!

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