Come Tour the House We Sold

Yes yes, I am still here! Are you shocked?!

Y’all, we’ve had a LOT going on over the past couple of months, but things are moving back towards a routine, and I’m excited to be back in the land of blogging! Woot woot!

So the biggest news is, we sold our house and bought another one! And can I just say that it’s WAY easier to move with no kids than WITH kids?! My goodness! I really had no idea!

We’re getting settled and establishing new routines in the new house, and there are lots of awesome things coming for us and for the blog, but for now, I wanted to share some fun pics with all of you.

NOTE: these pics are of the OLD house. WHY am I sharing pics of the OLD house with you, you ask? Well, I never really got to share ALL of the room tours I wanted to from the old house, and since our real estate agent brought in a professional real estate photographer to photograph the old house, well, my goodness! I wanted to show off the pics! Plus, you’ll get an idea of what the new house might look like from looking through these – most of the decor is the same, for the time being!

Without further ado… 

…welcome to 6843 Cabernet Crossing, our previous home!


This is the first home my hubby and I ever purchased, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts!



Just excuse the grass. These pics were taken in the midst of a drought! 


Please…come on in!

Living room…



Dining room… (for more on our dining room, CLICK HERE!)



Kitchen! You can imagine how much time I’VE spent in this room over the past few years!







Office… (for more on our office, CLICK HERE!)


Guest Room… (for more on our guest room and guest bathroom, CLICK HERE!)


Guest Bathroom…


Hall Closet… (for more on our hall closet – yes, I did an entire post on it! CLICK HERE!)


Master Bedroom…



Master Bathroom… (for more on our master bathroom, CLICK HERE!)


Back porch…


Back yard…




And there ya have it!

Well, I guess the only thing you didn’t see is the garage, so CLICK HERE to see what it looked like when we first moved in!

We ended up selling the house to a lovely family with 2 small kiddos, a boy and a girl. We hope they find as much joy there as we did for almost 5 years!

Why did we want to sell and move?

It’s simple, really. Both my hubby and I grew up in the rural/country areas of our small town. When we got married, we had moved to the next city over, did apartment life for a year (CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR APARTMENT!) and then bought this house in the city. At that point, everything was revolving around work commutes, and we liked the fact that there was a good amount of activities to partake of in the city!

Well, when the girls came along…

Let me just stop right here and tell y’all that they’re 10 months old now. 10 MONTHS. Can you even believe that?! (Here’s a little Father’s Day pic for y’all!)


Aren’t they HUGE?!

Anyways, when these lovely girls came along and rocked our world, we got to remembering how WE grew up. Out in the country. Where you could hear cows mooing during the day and see amazing sunsets in the evening. Where you had a little bit of space around you but still knew all your neighbors. A simpler time. A simpler life. 

And we LOVED it.

So we decided to go back to that lifestyle, for the sake of our sweet girls.

You’ll start to see posts on the new house soon! It’s a lovely place on just over an acre of land, all safely fenced in, with an awesome wooded area behind us, neighbors with chickens on the right, neighbors with cows on the left, and a strawberry field in front! We’ve already seen a snake, a bobcat, a wild turkey, lightning bugs and a host of birds. (Yeah, I’m still terrified of birds, but everyone else at my house loves them, so…)

I’m excited to share it all with all of you! Until the next post…(which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!)

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

36 thoughts on “Come Tour the House We Sold

  1. Well first … congrats on the move and the sell! It both is stressful and then to add those cuties in the equation, Wow!!
    Such wonderful photos to have as a rememberance. Good luck to you and eager to see those sweeties grow.

  2. Congrats on the new house! I cannot believe the girls are 10 months old already! Time passes too quickly.
    You all are going to love raising your daughters in the country. We are doing just the opposite as empty nesters. We are selling our home in the country to move to the city…well our new home is in the burbs so not quite in the city but close. I am going to miss those roosters crowing and cows mooing!

  3. First of all – those girls are so precious! I am spending the week with my dad and sister in my GA hometown and I just showed my sis the pics of your girls. She thinks they are adorable.

    I’ve always been a little sad when leaving a house I’ve grown to love. Your old house is beautiful. The nursery is swoon worthy!

    We live in the country and love it and I know your sweet family will make many, many memories at your new place. I’m looking forward to seeing photos.

  4. Congrats on the selling and on the new home! Your home is beautiful; I know you will make the next one special, too. That country life sounds amazing – I could just imagine the scenery as you described all the animals around. Oh my, your girls are going to have fun out in open country. They are so beautiful (and their smile) and growing so fast already!!

  5. Congrats on finding a new house. Selling the previous one is bit tricky. We cannot leave it because of the memories. All pics are beautiful and eyecatching.

  6. We just got our first house two years ago and I know when we sell it I’m going to be sad. I’m glad that you are moving to where you are comfortable and I hope your girls love living in the country.

  7. Lovely house! I can imagine how much you loved this house but an even better future lies ahead! I’m sure the girls will love the new house! Time flies, they are 10 months! WOW!

  8. Your little girls are adorable! Congrats on the move. Someone is very lucky to be moving into such a beautiful home.

  9. Congratulations on selling your lovely house, and finding a new home! I’m in love with your old house, actually. Very spacious and neat! 🙂

  10. This house is amazing, I wouldn’t sell it if I had one. I understand your reasons for moving in the country, and I admire you for having the courage to do that. I’m sure the girls will enjoy growing up surrounded by nature and so many animals.

  11. Having done the city life after growing up in a rural farm community, I definitely understand your decision to leave your city home behind – even as beautiful as it is. And yes, your girls are precious! I hope you are happy in your new country life.

  12. Congrats on the house! Selling a home and starting a new life is always full of excitement. I know your girls will love living in the country as you did.

  13. Kudos on the move. I look forward to seeing the new home. I love the color of your old hime… it has that south western, New Mexico feel.

  14. Congrats on the sale! Your house is very nice and homely. Love the huge yard. Selling and moving house is both hectic and stressful event. Can’t wait to see your new house tour.

  15. Awwww! CLOSING THE DOOR on an old chapter and moving on to the next one! It’s going to definitely be sad to say goodbye but on to making new memories with your family in a new place!!

  16. Such a beautiful house and yard! I love the palms around the garage–would be a cute spot to take family pics every year with the kiddos before they start school (I know that seems random, but just saw another post about that and it made me think of it!)

  17. Where was I when you were selling this house? I seriously am jealous of whoever got this! I have been looking to buy a new house, but everything is so dang expensive up here.

  18. I love your decor and the layout of your house. Sounds like you are very excited about move and it sounds like an exciting future for you and your family.

  19. Congrats on the sale and the purchase! My husband and just bought our first home and I don’t have any plans for another move any time soon!

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