The Home Away From Home Experience: How to Be the Best Vacation Rental Host

When most people go on vacation, they want and expect the ultimate treatment, especially when it comes to their accommodations. With hotel accommodations, guests can indulge in room service, in-house restaurants, and exceptional spa facilities… This type of vacation experience allows guests to not have to lift a finger.

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On the other hand, there are vacationers who want the ultimate vacation experience but enjoy it most in vacation rental properties. With this type of vacation experience, there is no room service or spa facilities (typically) like hotels provide, but people still enjoy it more than hotels.


Because it gives vacationers that “home away from home” experience. Yes, people want the luxury of not lifting a finger while on vacation but being able to stay in a property that’s nice with all the makings of home, without it being their actual home, is still a huge selling point to lots of travelers. That reason alone is why so many people are getting their feet wet in real estate investing.

There are, of course, several different ways to invest in real estate but short-term rentals have proven to be quite lucrative. The secret is to find an alternative mortgage lender for a faster and smoother process.

But surprisingly enough, that’s the easy part. Where you’re really going to put in the most work is in getting your rental ready for guests. The appearance of your property and the amenities you provide are going to be big determining factors as to how successful your vacation rental will be. Would prospective renters enjoy something that’s decorated in a neutral manner? Or would they prefer quirky? Cat portraits on the walls in the bathrooms and such?!

So, if you’re considering investing in a vacation rental property, by all means, do it! It’s definitely a great investment if you do it the right way. To ensure your vacation rental is successful, follow these helpful tips to give your guests the ultimate “home away from home” experience.

Ensure Your Rental is Spotless

One of the top complaints among vacation rental guests is that the property isn’t clean. Just as vacationers expect their hotel rooms to be clean, they also expect vacation rentals to be clean as well.

When speaking of a clean vacation property, that’s not just making sure the obvious areas of a home are clean like the countertops and floors but also those less thought of areas as well. Things like light switches, doorknobs, and cabinets and drawers are some of the most important areas of a home to keep clean.

Imagine your guests going to a drawer to grab a fork and there are crumbs in the drawer… Not only is it gross but it’s a magnet for roaches and other unwanted pests. Spotless means clean from top to bottom, and that includes improving your property’s indoor air quality as well.

Provide Free Wi-Fi Access

If you want a decrease in bookings, list your property online and mention that Wi-Fi access is not provided… hardly anyone would book with you. If anything, the only people who would book with you are families who are wanting a vacation with no online access at all… The bottom line is don’t skimp on the Wi-Fi.

Respond Promptly to Inquiries

Once you list your property online, your work is obviously not done. One of the best compliments you can receive as a host is prompt responses. When people are interested in your property, they are either in the beginning stage of planning a vacation or smack-dab in the middle of it and need answers in a timely manner.

To be a great host, you may not always be able to immediately respond right back, but responding in a respectable amount of time will take you very far and build your reputation as a great host.

Provide a List of All Amenities You Provide

As host, you want your guests to have a wonderful time while staying at your property, so what better way to do that than to help them plan their trip? With it being a vacation rental, you’ll want to let your guests know everything you’re providing for them so they know what they should buy from the store. 

Let them know you’re providing them with a wine and can opener, silverware, coffee, dish soap, and any other house amenities so they don’t end up buying or bringing items they don’t need. They will appreciate you greatly for this.

Create a Beautiful Space That Makes Guests Feel Like They’re On Vacation

If we’re going to get to the bottom of it all, what bookings really boil down to is aesthetics. What does the property look like? Is it cute? Is it unique?

The pictures you post of your property are all online viewers have to go on and the more appealing and enticing your property looks, the more bookings you’ll get. So decorate your property to appeal to guests and take high-quality photos and videos to show potential guests the type of “home away from home” experience they could have.

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