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I had to scramble this year to get St. Patrick’s Day put away and Easter in place – those two were pretty close on the calendar this time around! Whew! (I did try to take St. Patrick’s down a little early, but my husband, who “claims” he cares not about my decorations, said it wouldn’t be fair to take down the St. Patrick’s before the day – which happens to be his birthday – was over. So I obliged.) But Easter is now up!


I didn’t want to do the same ol’ “Easter colors” deal where everything is pastels because then I wasn’t sure what to do for just plain spring! (Happy First Day of Spring to you all, by the way!) So I decided to go elegant. Cream, gold, and a touch of purple. After all, at our house, we celebrate Easter because He is risen!

Here’s some of the details:

PicMonkey Collage

I included the eggs to honor the neat egg tradition. These particular eggs I purchased as simple wooden pieces from SOHO, and spray painted them gold! (More blogs coming on SOHO and spray paint, never fear!) The small vintage pearl and rhinestone pieces you see are actually the pieces I wore in my hair on our wedding day! They were gifted to me by my cousin – fabulous, aren’t they? The smaller strand of pearls were my mom’s, and she passed them on to me. The larger strand I also wore on our wedding day, and the chunky pearls and gold make up one of my favorite pieces that I wear on a regular basis. I threw in a couple half-burned candles because I thought they looked cool.

PicMonkey Collage2

The cross came from SOHO, as well, but it wasn’t quite as large as I wanted it to be. I wanted the cross to really be the focal point for the display, so I placed it in one of my PartyLite pieces and tried to prop it with pearls. I guess it works all right…

The purple tulle was a quick grab at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to use some really pretty silky material…but I couldn’t find any I liked, and this was soft and sheer…so I went with it. Adds a little bit of color!

We’ve got Easter around the house in a couple other spots, too. We’re proclaiming it from our back patio…


And we’re welcoming visitors with it at the front door!


(The flag came from FlagsRUs and the wreath was a Walmart special last year!)

I want to leave you with one of my favorite bits of writing when it comes to Easter, from one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado.

“History has only one main event.
Mankind’s timeline is dotted with important moments.
The first spark from the first flint. The rolling of the first wheel.
The treating of the first wound.
Who dares minimize these events?
But who dares compare them with the Cross?
History has only one main event. Scripture has only one main event.
Others matter, but only one is essential.
The story of Jericho might stir you, but falling walls can’t redeem you.
Moses will give you direction for the wilderness, but no solution for your sin.
David’s defeat of Goliath might reduce your timidity, but only the Cross prepares you for eternity.
Scripture has only one main event.
Even in the life of Jesus there is only one main event. For if there is no Cross of Christ, then there is no Truth to Christ. And when it comes to your life the same is true. To remove the Cross is to
remove the hitch-pin from the door of hope. The door to your hope.
For if there is no Cross, then there is no sacrifice for sin. If there is no sacrifice for sin, then how will you face a sinless God? Will you cleanse your own sin?
And if there is no Cross of Christ, then there is no resurrection of Christ. And if there is no resurrection of Christ, how will you live again? Will you push back your own grave?
Forgiveness of sin. Deliverance from death. These are the claims of the Cross.
Let there be no mistake!
The Cross is not an event in history.
It is THE event of history.”

(From “He Chose the Nails”.)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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