The Color of the Month – With Big Chill!

Most of you have taken a peek into my kitchen before, right? Well, just in case you haven’t…



That’s pretty much it! The pantry is on the left around the corner and the stove is on the right just past the fridge. I love the open space in the center – if I’m working on a big project, I’ll bring a table in and have tons of extra space!

You can tell by this photo that I like blue. Right?!

So when Big Chill challenged me to be a part of their Color of the Month project, and I found out that one of the Pantone Colors of the Year was Beach Blue, well, count me in! 

Now, if you haven’t visited Big Chill’s website, you simply HAVE to. They’re the ones that are responsible for those awesome retro appliances including stovesrefrigerators, microwaves, and many more, like the ones seen here:


Aren’t they the coolest?! (And no worries if “retro” isn’t quite your style – they also have Pro and Classic versions of appliances.)



First in my browsing, I headed over to check out the Beach Blue appliances:

Capture BC

Squeal, right?! I love them!!!

What if I could design a kitchen around these appliances…even one of them! What would it look like?

Well, I happen to think it would look a little something like…this:

Big Chill Style Board

I love the Beach Blue, and I’ve always really liked that shade combined with a few pops of yellow! Just comes up fresh and clean, doesn’t it?! Plus, something about the smell of lemon in the kitchen just rounds everything out perfectly.

Loving the vintage style like I do, I think these appliances are the bomb! And there are tons more colors on their website, too! I could spend a good amount of time over there looking at colors and dreaming up style boards, for sure…

You can find out more about Big Chill by…

Visiting their website HERE
Stopping by their Facebook HERE
Checking out their Twitter HERE
Following them on Instagram HERE
Browsing their Pinterest HERE
Snooping around their Houzz HERE

Have you ever seen any Big Chill appliances? Do you already have some in your home? I wanna see! Do share!

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6 thoughts on “The Color of the Month – With Big Chill!

  1. I would probably go with the Classic look in either white or maybe cream. I do tend to be a traditionalist! Of course those retro appliances really caught my eye as well–I wish I had a large enough kitchen for one or two of these pieces.

  2. I love this – I have seen those colorful ovens in magazines and sort of envied one. Thanks for sharing the website – not that I plan on getting one..LOL! I would totally choose a blue, too. Gotta say, I had no idea your kitchen was small like this – mine too and may be even smaller!

  3. My daughter’s kitchen is retro and she would love those appliances in the first photo. I love that beach blue color too. It would almost be like being at the beach every single day. The red is gorgeous also.

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